WP Content Machine Review: Autoblog WordPress Plugin Scam?

​Let's face it writing content is a real pain in the ass. Most of us dread doing it because we don't feel we can write or just don't like the idea of writing. But we all know a blog can't thrive without content.You can outsource your articles to sites like iWriters.com or Hirewriters.com but that's an ongoing expense. If only there was a way to have a robot write our content for us. Well apparently there is and it's called WP Content Machine. If you've been looking for the best autoblogging wordpress plugin or software, then read on..

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Ankur Shukla & Danny Ade


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What Is WP Content Machine?

It’s basically a new autoblog WordPress plugin created by Ankur Shukla & Danny Ade. They claim that WP Content Machine is a an easy to use software that creates unlimited autoblogs that will find, publish & monetize new content on autopilot. I am sorry but anytime I hear about an products that claims they can creating money or content on autopilot, my bullshit radar is turned up! But maybe I’m wrong this time.

How Does It Work?

Unfortunately this WordPress plugin can’t read your mind to determine what content you want it to create . So you’ll need to set up this auto blogging tool using the following steps.

Step 1: Pick the keywords and the source of content that it will use to auto post on your blog.
Step 2: Schedule the plugin to automatically post content on your blog at certain intervals and days.
Step 3: Add affiliate links & ads into your content automatically.

Watch the video below to be walked through these simple steps.

WP Content Machine Features

  • Automatically Fetch Content from Multiple Sources.
  • Publish Fresh Content Automatically
  • Create and Setup Multiple Auto-Posting Campaigns
  • Publish Text Content, Videos & Images
  • Fetch & Publish from Multiple RSS FEEDS!
  • Built-in AUTOMATIC Content Spinning
  • Earn AD REVENUE – Show Ads Before & After Content Posts
  • Turn Keywords into Affiliate Links within Content Automatically – no manual work

Are There Any Upsells or OTOs?

Not surprisingly there are many. 

There is a WP Content Machine Pro priced at about $35-$37 depending on the license you buy. It provides you the following features:

  • Fetch Content from UNLIMITED Sources / Sites…
  • Fetch Affiliate Products Automatically from AMAZON, EBAY, WALMART, BestBuy
  • Fetch Social Content from Instagram, Twitter & Facebook
  • Premium ChimpRewriter Integration + Smart Content Spinning Built-in.

Another upsell is either a one time premium theme for $37 or 2 monthly premium themes for $27 per month. 

And finally there is a WP Traffic machine which will actually help promote your autoblog posts to various social networks like facebook, pinterest, twitter, etc. This upsell is either $35 – $37 depending on the license you pick.


  • The spun content may not be readable by humans which means they probably won’t click on your affiliate links.
  • This plugins doesn’t actually promote your blog. If you don’t spin the content, it will be duplicate content and won’t be found.
  • The content on these blogs won’t rank unless you take the time to make them unique.
  • Many features that should be built into the normal version of this plugin are upsells.



    • Eliminates the need to pay for outsourcing content if you manually spin the content.
    • 30 day money back guarantee.
    • Can save time on writing content
    • Add affiliate links within your posts automatically.
    • You’re only paying a one time fee for unlimited content

      Should You Buy WP Content Machine?

      Who doesn’t love the idea of creating blogs where you don’t actually have to work on writing content? If it were that simple I think everyone would do this. The WP Content Machine plugin can create spun content for you automatically. It can also add affiliate links for you as well. But where I think it will fail to help you is making money. The reality of autoblog plugins is that you’re using content that is already indexed by Google on other sites. Google doesn’t like duplicate content is unlikely to rank any of the posts you create with this plugin. Sure you can get around this by adjusting the autoblog settings to spin the content so it’s unique. But most content that is spun by software reads like crap. You’ve probably run into content like this and thought to yourself this gibberish and left the site. Well expect others to treat your site the same way. This means you’re highly unlikely to make any money with autoblogs. So it’s not really as set it and forget it as WP Content Machine will lead you to believe. You would still probably need to manually clean up the content. So I personally wouldn’t use or recommend this plugin. You’re better off outsourcing your content from sites like iWriter.com and Hirewriters.com. Or just suck it up and learn how to write content which can be very easy if you have the proper training which is why I recommend joining a FREE blogging community like Wealthy Affiliate.

      22 thoughts on “WP Content Machine Review: Autoblog WordPress Plugin Scam?”

      1. I’d rather take down my blog than having automatically churned out garbage littered on my blog. Getting freelancers to write is a much better idea. I still don’t get why anyone would bother to get products like this to produce contents? Especially Google will be penalizing your blogs for low quality content without even securing your first visitors. Ok I’m exaggerating but that’s what I feel.

        • I hear ya Kenny. People are lazy or afraid of writing so that’s why they look for solutions like this. Back in the days you could get away with nonsense like this. But I just don’t think this type of stuff works as well today and it’s not worth getting your blogged banned in my opinion.

      2. Hi Eddy,

        I love the idea of having a plugin do all my writing for me. But in reality, if it were that easy, everyone would be buying the wp content machine.

        It seems like there are more cons than pros. Oh well back to writing my posts:). I agree with you about WA. They teach you how to write content for posts and evaluate seo.

        Thanks again.


        • I agree with you Tim. It would be great if a machine could actually do our writing for us. But this definitely isn’t it. You’re better off writing your own content or outsourcing it to good old fashion human beings.

      3. Hi Eddy,

        I have a friend who makes demo records. He can play a lot of instruments himself and then mix everything, but he always advices his customers to hire live musicians. Why? He believes that the interplay between the musicians will make the listener feel that they are listening to “real” music.

        I think the same can be said about using content-machine to produce content. It won’t be responsive to the needs of the reader. Thus, the reader won’t feel that he or she is getting real value.

        • I agree Thabo,

          I just feel the content produced by this tool will feel like a robot produced it unless you heavily adjust it. And at that point, you may just want to write it yourself or have someone else do it for you. So I hear ya. Good analogy!

      4. Years ago back when I was naive and stupid I worked with a similar device such as what you reviewed in this article. After learning how it could be done, using the tool I discovered that based on writing one article suddenly it turned out to be 10 articles! Wow, I hit the big-time I felt.
        I now know that the Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines really frown on these type of plug-ins/tools/cheat sheets. The search engines aren’t stupid. Going through a person’s site where suddenly a bunch of articles contain similar content, it would be easy to recognize that the changing of words, phrases, sentences, etc. was in fact something based on ONE original article. People eventually got punished trying to take the easy way out in creating content that really was not so unique and different from other posted articles.
        As you stated in your first listed “con” against buying this plug-in the fact that a “spun” content article might end up being illegible to a human reader I believe would force this person to consider it to be garbage, along with the entire website. And clicking out that person would never re-visit the website again under any circumstances.
        Nothing beats well-written, unique, LEGIBLE and highly relevant content articles on a person’s website which over time if done consistently will get that individual ranked highly on Google, Bing and Yahoo!


        • I agree Jeff. Back in the day you could get away with spun content and I’m sure people still do it. But long term it doesn’t make financial sense. Because your audience won’t stick around or come back. So although I understand the appeal of this plugin, it’s just not worth it if you want to build a long term business.

      5. This is an interesting article but it seems that you would have to be very careful with this type of plugin. There are a lot of people out there selling sub standard plugins or others that have similar features to plugins that you can get for free. I have seen a few ads on wp content machine and thought that it sounded interesting for SEO purposes. But considering your rating and review, it’s not a good enough for me to try. Thanks for this valuable info!

      6. Wow, It’s so funny that I came across this article. Because just a couple weeks ago, I found myself discouraged because I was struggling with writer’s block for what felt like FOREVER. I was seriously contemplating if there was something out there that could help me create some juicy content. Lol! (I was feeling desperate, nonetheless). I’ve never been one who even likes to ask others for ideas for my next article, let alone seek someone to write one FOR me. But there are those times when you’re just not sure on what to write or how to even begin; especially for those who aren’t experts at it such as myself.

        • Hey Ashlee, Everyone goes through writers block. One way, I’ve over come that is focusing on writing articles that follow a simple outline that I can repeat over and over again like reviews and list style articles. So that’s something you should consider doing as well. But definitely don’t use plugins like this.

      7. Wow, SO funny that I came across this article because just a couple weeks ago, when I found myself so discouraged because I was struggling with writer’s block for what felt like FOREVER; I was seriously contemplating if there was something out there that could help me create some juicy content. Lol! (I was feeling desperate, nonetheless). I’ve never been one who even likes to ask others for ideas for my next article, let alone seek someone to write one FOR me. But there are those times when you’re just not sure on what to write or how to even begin; especially for those who aren’t experts at it such as myself.

        • Hey Ashlee,
          We’ve all been there. But I definitely don’t think wp content machince or plugins like it are the answer. You’re better off outsourcing the articles to real people when you run into this. So hopefully this gave you options to consider.

      8. Very interesting indeed. It feels like Autoblog is a plagiarism tool. As you say without unique content, it’s not ideal for ranking. I wonder how I can make content building less time consuming and yet unique. Driving traffic and getting ranked is a real process that I struggle to find time for

        • Autoblogging does feel like plagiarism to me as well. But the plugin does allow you to include the source of the article. Although its optional. If you struggle with writing, then look into the writing resources I listed in the article. It may help you.

      9. Having to crack my head with keyword ideas and finding time to write articles, I can see how this kind of plugin would appeal to niche bloggers. Honestly, I could really use some extra help myself too.

        But when you know that this content will need fixing at the end, you would question if it’s worth the investment. Another thing is that you want the article to have your ‘own voice’ and if you want to have that element in your blog, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to rewrite the content all over again.

        Writing is difficult for beginners, but it does get better with practice. I used to take 4 days to write an article. Now, it only takes me 4 hours.

        • Agreed Cathy. I totally get the appeal. But in the end the writing will be garbage. So you might as well write it yourself or outsource it. Thanks for your comment.

      10. I doubt they’ll ever get this automatic writing niche in good order – well not in our lifetime anyway!
        At the end of the day this is spinning content to put on your blog…and that will kill it almost instantly!
        Spun content makes no sense whatsoever – at best it makes you look like a non English native speaker.
        The only way to get decent content onto your blog is by taking the time to write it!

      11. Well, this software is sure interesting. Reminds of some article spinning software I’ve looked at in the past, or software that scrapes content from the internet and republishes it with just a few minor word changes.

        It would be great if some machine or software could magically produce great original content for you, but unfortunately it’s just a fantasy at the moment. Thanks for the heads up on the WP Content Machine.

        Interesting idea though.


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