I Earned $63,928 Blogging About Sites That Sucked!

Ok let me be honest not all the companies sucked. But a lot did!

Now that I got that off my chest, let me introduce myself. I’m Eddy with a y and I’m a blogger. Please note the spelling of my name so we don’t have any problems. lol  In any event, let me walk you through how I earned $63,928 blogging part time about companies I did and didn’t like. I’m laying out what I did in the hopes that it will inspire you. Because if my simple simon self can achieve this, I know you can as well. It will take time, patience and hard work but it’s totally achievable. This is especially the case after I lay out how I did this down below. So get comfortable, it will be worth it.

Eddy with a y Begins….

It all started when I was “wee lad” growing up in the streets of the Bronx. Ok it wasn’t that bad. I lived in a middle class home with two loving Caribbean parents. I was working at a local hospital and making some decent money. So it’s not like I was hustling and pushing weight on the corner to make money. But I longed to have my own freedom and wanted to work for myself at home.  So like most people I looked for a work at home job. Unfortunately the only people that ended up making money initially was the scam artist that sold me a list of companies found in a telephone book. Needless to say I was embarrassed, pissed and a whole bunch of other stuff.

So I decided I want to help other people avoid this type of crap. It seemed like the best way to achieve this was to set up a site exposing these scum bags. The premise of my blog was to write reviews on companies that claimed to offer legitimate work at home opportunities. My blog was going to give you the good and ugly on each company. So how did I get this off the ground?

I Don’t Have A Damn PHD in Website Building.

Now that I knew what my site was going to be about, my biggest hurdle was actually building the website. Don’t get me wrong I have dabbled in building sites before. But they were ugly and it was a pain in the ass to set up and maintain. Back in the day you really needed an understanding of things like HTML and using complicated software. I’d rather get a root canal without the anesthesia then go through that again. So I searched high and low for a solution that wouldn’t require a degree in rocket science and break my bank. My search led me to a simple simon way to create website using something called WordPress. It was a life saver because you didn’t need to be tech savvy and it made it very easy to expand and redesign your site as well. This was always a limitation for me in the past.

If you want to see how easy it is to create a website Click Here To Build one for FREE using the SiteRubix wordpress website builder tool. It It’s an easy 4 step process when using SiteRubix free tool here.

How The Hell Are People Going To Find My Site?

So it turned out that building a website, and changing it to the way I want was pretty easy using WordPress. But just because you build it doesn’t mean people will come. And that’s where I was stuck. I could harass my family and friends but that isn’t something sustainable or can be scaled up. So I needed to learn a way to get traffic. Like many of you I always use search engines like Google to find websites. And I always assumed you needed to pay to get in. But I was pleasantly surprised to learn I could get in Google for FREE using something called SEO. Basically it’s the process of writing articles on your site in such a way that helps people solves problems they have. If you do this Google will tend to show your site’s articles when someone does a search.

I’ve oversimplified the process here for the sake of time. But if you want more details on how this works and make it easy for yourself, click here.

What Are People Actually Searching For ?

Once I understood the concept of SEO,  I needed to figure out exactly what words people use in Google to find websites that would help me help them.  Fortunately Google does provide this type of information in their keyword tools. The process of determining what keywords you should use so that your articles will show up is called keyword research. Unfortunately Google’s tool wasn’t really ideal for SEO purposes. So I started to use a tool called Jaaxy which is makes it simple simon to figure out what people are searching for and how much traffic to expect.

Visit Jaaxy.com now to get some FREE searches and see how this tool works.

But I Don’t Know How To Write!

So it’s all good and dandy that I know how to create a website and figure out what topics people are searching for. It’s a whole other ball game to actually sit down and write articles that will be read by thousands of people. I could barely write a damn email let alone an article that strangers would be reading. I’ll keep it real with you, It scared the Bejesus out of me. My grammar and spelling suck. And I’m not all that creative or witty. Fortunately with this business you don’t need to be perfect. But if you’re still uncomfortable with the idea of writing, read the following:

Hopefully that helps you feel a lot better about writing. If not, here are some of methods I use to write content easily:

But if you still don’t like idea of writing, you can have other talented people do it for you at a very reasonable rate with sites like HireWriters.com & iWriter.com. Now that I know how to write I tend to outsource most of my stuff to these sites. But I still end up editing them so they sound more like me. But it’s definitely helped me free up my time to do other things. So it’s something you can use as well. 

Show Me The Money!

Everything in terms of setting up my blog, getting traffic and writing all became crystal clear. But the next step was trying to figure out how am I going to make money doing this. I really had no experience creating products and quite frankly I didn’t want to deal with the customer service that came along with it. So initially I was looking for another solution. And it turns out there was a way for me to make money for something you and I have been doing for years.

I don’t know about you but if I like a company, product, website or person and I think it might help someone I know, then I’ll gladly refer folks to it. You probably have a favorite restaurant that you’ve told your friends and family about hundreds of times over the course of years. Well imagine if you got paid to do that online. Well apparently you can and it’s called affiliate marketing. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of companies like Google & Amazon that will pay you to give them a shout out on your website. Best of all it’s free.

If you want to learn more about how this all works then you need to check this out. It breaks down the whole concept and even includes a pretty picture to make it even easier to understand. lol

Time To Style On Em!

Although I had my blog set up with an initial basic design, I wasn’t a big fan of it. It was hard to make it look exactly the way I wanted and it wasn’t really flexible and designed to make money. I really wanted something that allowed me to drag and drop things into place the way I wanted. So I dumped my old site theme and found Thrive Themes & Thrive Landing pages. Now you know why my website looks so pretty.


It’s All About the Benjamins The List!

Now that my site was looking fresh and clean I was ready to receive more people to it. But I realized that I was losing people that were already visiting the site by not capturing their email address. So I signed up for Aweber (And later ConvertKit) and Thrive Leads so that I could actually email folks anytime I had new content which meant more traffic for me. And It made it much more likely that I could make more money.

It’s All Adding Up Now!

The culmination of everything above pretty much led to me making $63,928 in one year. The reality is I actually earned more because of other revenue streams that I have. But the figure I’ve referenced in this article is purely based on my blog income. So what should you do? If you’re smart you’ve clicked on a lot of the resources I’ve provided in this article. And yes as you guessed it I do receive a commission if you decide to buy something or take some other action. That said, the tools I have recommended are ones that I have used in some capacity to achieve this income. So it’s not just about the commissions. It’s more a matter of feeling confident recommending things I’ve personally used and know work. I think that speaks volumes. But you run with whatever tools and resources you feel work better for your situation.

The point of the article is to illustrate that anyone can achieve this and much more. There are so many topics and niches where you can apply writing reviews. If you’re in a parenting niche, you can have a blog writing reviews on children’s toys. If you’re into technology you can create a blog about writing reviews for new apps or software. There are tons of ways to apply this. And it’s a lot easier to write reviews then it is to just come up with random topics. New products and services are created every day which means tons of new content ideas and traffic for you.

You just need a few qualities to get this popping for yourself

  1. Ambition
  2. Action
  3. Training
  4. Tools
  5. Mentors
  6. Patience

I’ve provided you with the resources that will give you the training, tools and mentors. But everything else falls on you. So you can read all of this, do nothing and continue to get the same results. Or you can read this, take action and eventually experience the life your deserve. The choice is yours.

4 thoughts on “I Earned $63,928 Blogging About Sites That Sucked!”

  1. Eddy, (with a “Y”) – This was truly an outstanding article in which you laid out step-by-step what a person has to do to make money online and by issuing reviews of opportunities that are legit versus those that are scams.

    As you said it does take time, commitment, ambition, patience, effort and a willingness to understand that you won’t get rich within a week or two after you start this venture. There remain so many bogus, fraudulent scams disguised as online business opportunities that still can sucker naive people into forking over money, (sometimes a lot of it) when in reality they would have no chance of earning a dime, much less get their initial investment back. I’m so glad that honest people like you remain committed to exposing those criminal miscreants for what they really are.


    • Thanks Jeff. It feels good that I’ve made a living blogging in a way that helps people avoid nonsense. I think that’s the true way to be successful in this industry long term.

  2. Hello Eddy,

    I have a niche site that I’m in the process of revising. Dissatisfaction with product specific affiliations led me to become an Amazon Associate, and I’m still making that transition. Plan to put this project on hold for awhile to start a WA Affiliate site. I’m researching several domain name choices. This time around my focus will be on getting traffic to my WA Affiliate site. Posting quality content on a regular schedule is my goal.

    I love your site and plan to intensely review what you have done to learn from an expert so to speak.


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