How To Increase Your Blog Profits – Pick The Best Companies


As stated in the video above, don’t just focus on just promoting companies that pay you the most. It means little if they aren’t converting at all. Instead focus on the “epc” or overall rating of the product, website or service first. This will be an indicator of how well people are doing when promoting the product. Keep in mind some companies may be new so their epc aren’t high yet. But you can confirm that by asking your affiliate manager. But in general a lower epc isn’t a good thing.

You should look at the actual commission you’re paid after determining the epc or rating. Ideally the higher the “epc” or rating the more likely you are to make money. Because it means people are actually converting on that product. If you’re promoting something where an EPC or rating isn’t provided, try asking the affiliate manager or company about their epc. Or if you’re promoting an amazon product, look at the reviews for the product. You should also check to see if this is one of the top selling product in their given category.


Next Steps:

  • Find affiliate products or services that have high ratings or epc.
  • Check their landing pages as well to determine if they’re likely to convert.
  • Review the current affiliate products or services you’re currently promoting.
  • Remove any low epc or rating offers.
  • Add or swap in higher performing offers that have better epc rates.
  • Watch your income grow in time or immediately.


This technique is something quick that can be applied right away. It can have a powerful impact on your income for many years to come. So don’t just read about it, make sure you apply it regularly.  It’s one of many tips I’ve learned over the years by being a member of a FREE blogging community known as Wealthy Affiliate. I would encourage you to join if you’re looking to take your blog to the next level from a money or traffic standpoint.

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In any event, I hope you enjoyed this tip. If so please leave a comment below. If you have any questions, feel free to post it down below as well. Thanks for reading.

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