​Thrive Content Builder Plugin Review: Is It The Best Drag & Drop Page Builder?

​Let's face it the WordPress so called Visual or WYSIWYG editor is weaker than a wet paper bag. It's super limited unless all you care about are some basic editing features such as bold, underline, etc. But what's a blogger to use when you want to really to give your content some visual sexiness? Well if you're smart you'll use Thrive Content Builder plugin. It's what the WordPress visual editor should be! Discover why below. 

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What Is Thrive Content Builder?

It’s a WordPress Plugin created by the good folks of Thrive Themesthat makes it easy to edit your posts and pages with drag and drop functionality. You can easily add elements to a page and drag it around to exactly where you want in a post and page.  Whereas with the current WordPress visual editor you don’t have that same flexibility or control. It also provides you the ability to add elements that aren’t built into the WordPress editor like creating tables, star ratings, lead generation forms, landing pages and more. This will make more sense when you watch the video below.

If you ever found that the WordPress visual editor was just too rigid then the content builder will be a welcomed alternative. For those of you who used Microsoft’s FrontPage web page editor, then this plugin makes WordPress pages and posts work the same way.

How Does The Thrive Content Builder Work?

Don’t worry it’s very easy to use and intuitive. If you already know how to use the WordPress Visual editor, you’ll be able to easily use the content builder plugin. But I’ll walk you through the steps below.

Step 1: Install and activate the premium content builder plugin on your WordPress blog.

Step 2: Create a new page or post.

Step 3: Click on the content builder button.

Step 4: Drag and drop any element you want to use on your page.

Step 5: Click on element to edit the text, image, margins, size, color, etc.

Step 6: Save your changes.

Step 7: Publish your post or page.

Watch the video below to see how to use the content builder and what it can do!

Thrive Content Builder Features

  • Fully Responsive.
  • Create templates that can be used over and over again.
  • Create call to action buttons.
  • Create content boxes.
  • Create pricing tables.
  • Creating guarantee boxes.
  • Create testimonial content areas.
  • Add icons to your content.
  • Create timers and countdowns
  • Create html tables
  • Add click to tweet boxes.
  • Add fully responsive videos with one click.
  • Add table of contents
  • Add email and lead capture forms
  • Add star ratings for reviews
  • Create Conversion Optimized Landing pages in one click.
  • Much more.

Are There Any Upsells or Hidden Fees?

Thrive Themes does provide various options depending on your needs.

If you only plan to use the thrive content builder on ONE site you can purchase it for a ONE TIME FEE of $67. This gives you unlimited support and updates for 1 year.

If you would like to use the content builder on ALL personal sites you own you can upgrade to the unlimited sites content builder option for a ONE TIME FEE of $97. You still get unlimited support and updates for a year.

There is also a non agency option that gives you access to all the Thrive Themes plugins and WordPress premium themes for $288 per year or $75 every 3 months. This can be used on all sites you personally own and not those of clients you may have. Trust me, once you’ve purchased one thrive theme product you’ll want them all for your business and blogging needs. So this may be the best option long term.

If you do have clients, there is an agency license option for $49 per month that must be paid up front for the all year. So the total cost is $588.  This provides you the ability to use this plugin on all your sites and those of clients you may have. The benefit of this option is that you get access to all the other thrive theme products such as their plugins and themes. 


  • You can’t edit existing post or pages that were built using the WordPress default visual editor. It only works for new posts or pages. However you can just copy and paste your old post content into the content builder editor as a workaround though.
  • It doesn’t auto save your work. So you should save regularly. But it does warn you should save every 10 minutes so you won’t forget.
  • There is no monthly payment option if you decide to take advantage of the thrive theme membership. This membership gives you all there other plugins and themes that thrive has created and will create. However you can pay for it quarterly which is pretty reasonably priced considering all the thrive theme products you have access to. 
  • There is no trial version but there is a 30 day money back guarantee. 



    • This plugin is fast and doesn’t slow down your site.
    • It’s intuitive and easy to use. So there isn’t a huge learning curve.
    • Works with most existing themes so you don’t need to change your theme.
    • They have awesome support that is always there to help.
    • Frequent updates are made to improve the plugin and fix any bugs.
    • Allows you to create beautiful pages and posts easily.
    • Eliminates the need for multiple plugins since many features are built into this one plugin.
    • You don’t need to understand coding to use or adjust your content.
    • Experienced users do have access to the html elements for more control.
    • There is a 30 day money back guarantee. 

      Should You Buy Thrive Content Builder?

      If you’re not satisfied with default WordPress visual editor, then yes you should buy Thrive Content Builder! It is a true drag and drop webpage builder that gives you more flexibility and options to create pages that look exactly the way you want. You don’t need to fiddle around with a lot of code to achieve the look you want in a page or posts. So it’s newbie friendly. But they also provide you access to code for those who want even greater control. 

      This WordPress premium drag and drop website page builder plugin will help you make your content look beautiful. Or feel free to use it to create landing pages that will help increase your conversions. Either way it’s definitely made my life much easier as a professional blogger. I couldn’t imagine starting a blog without having this plugin installed. If you’re looking for any thrive content builder coupons or discounts you may want to visit Ebates.com. However in most cases Thrive Themes doesn’t offer them out on the web. But you may want to consider investing the Thrive Theme monthly or yearly membership. This way you can have access to this and all the thrive themes products which actually saves you money in the long run.

      I should mention that the website you’re on is a thrive theme and this post content was built with the Thrive Content Builder. So although I’m not the president, I am a client. lol

      Well that’s enough from me. Let me know what you think of this plugin. If you have any questions feel free to post them below. Thanks for reading!

      Eddy with a y

      14 thoughts on “​Thrive Content Builder Plugin Review: Is It The Best Drag & Drop Page Builder?”

      1. Thrive Content Builder sounds amazing!, the plugin seems to come with everything anyone could ever wish for.

        It is unfortunate you can’t use it for older posts however, this would be fantastic to use in conjunction with a secondary or new site, installing it and using the plugin from the very beginning.

        As far as Saving goes, that’s just common practice, in my opinion anyway!, thanks for this review!

        • It is a great plugin. Not being able to use it on older post initially held me back. But you figure your site always needs new articles anyway so using it go forward still made it worth the buy. Especially when you consider it helps you improve your conversions. So it’s a no brainer to me. Thanks for chiming in.

      2. I keep running across this plugin in my various excursions online, but never stopped to read a review of it until now. All I can say is:

        It sounds awesome!!

        Looks like it’s just what I need. I’ve wasted countless hours searching through WP plugins that spice up my content in different ways (such as creating CTA buttons, tables, etc.) Many of them are “good enough” but not quite what I need, so I’ve clogged up my sites with, well, too many plugins….

        So thank you very much for the review, I will definitely be looking into this plugin!


        • Hey Ian,

          You’re very welcome. This and many of the other thrive theme products solves the need for multiple plugins that slow down your site. So definitely dive in.

      3. I use Thrive Themes. I have a years subscription and so have access to all the latest products. It’s money worth spent if you’re active online and have something to market.

        I like using the Thrive Content Builder because of the huge options available. I don’t want to go into them here because that’ll take far too long. However, if you have a specific design in mind, the tools are there to achieve exactly what you’re looking for.

        You can’t get this kind of design freedom without having to know HTML5 and CSS3 inside out. Thrive Builder does all that in the background, and you simply fill in the blanks!

        I recommend Thrive Themes wholeheartedly.

        I give Thrive Themes ‘5’ stars Eddy!

        • I’m glad to hear you love it Vic. I only gave thrive content builder a 4 because they won’t let you edit old posts with it because of compatibility issues it may cause with older posts. Other than that I’d give it 5 as well. There themes are definitely 5’s in my mind. I have the year subscription as well and its paid for itself many times over in my business. So I agree with you.

      4. Hi Eddy
        Thanks very much for this review, looks like the Thrive theme offers quite a wide range of tools to create an attractive blog and website. I do have a question regarding the pricing, you say that it is a one time fee but this only provides support and updates for 1 year. What happens after this year if i want to continue getting support an updates? do you have to pay for another years worth of support as this would seem to be more of a 1 year subscription plan. Just curious
        Thanks again

        • Hey Dom,

          You’re very welcome. I’ve always had the year renewal plan. So I’m assuming with the one time fee your support and updates would stop after the year. And then you could probably pay for new updates. But the best thing to do is click on the thrive link and contact them directly about this.

      5. Hi there Eddy,

        Awesome site and a fabulous review, thanks for creating and sharing it with us, really appreciated.

        Finding this review rather timely, I am setting up a new site soon and on the hunt for a better editor to make my posts more attractive and professional looking.

        Can I modify old posts if I copy paste them from wordpress WYSIWYG editor and paste into thrive’s builder?

        • Hey Derek,

          Yes you can copy and paste the old content in the content builder editor. So that is a work around for your older posts.

      6. I like this! I currently am using just the basic word press and had not as yet gotten into looking at editing as I know very little about it. The instructional video is great also as I mentioned before I have not used a plug in like this before and i would have not had a clue how to use it. Anyway have to go as I am headed to install this plugin. Thank you for the information!

        • Hey Jodes,

          As you start to use the wordpress editor more, you’ll see how limited it is. The Thrive Content builder will be a breath of fresh air. And it does so many things that you would need multiple plugins for. So I definitely encourage you to look into it if it interest you.

      7. Hi Eddy with a Y!

        This looks very interesting since the default WordPress editor is a little clunky.

        However, is there a trial or demo version available so that folks can weigh up the benefits vs outlay?



        • If you think the default editor is clunky, you’ll love the content builder. Unfortunately there is no trial or demo version. But there is a 30 day money back guarantee so you lose nothing if you don’t like it. I hope this helps.


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