Thrive Themes Review: Should You Buy It? It Depends!

​The great thing about WordPress is that there are endless themes and plugins to enhance your blog. But that's also the crappy thing about it as well. Because in a matter of a few clicks you can ruin your blog by picking the wrong ones. This can lead to slowing down your site or making it look unprofessional. Either way that can hurt your income and traffic. Fortunately there is Thrive Themes. If you're looking for themes and plugins designed to help your blog grow in terms of conversions and traffic, then Thrive Themes is a must. 

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Shane Melaugh

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Thrive Membership Price:

Single Personal Site Theme License: $49 Flat Rate  
Unlimited Personal Sites Theme Licence: $67 Flat Rate

Individual Membership License: $75/Quarterly or $228/Yearly For All Thrive Products for Personal Use On All Your Sites.
Agency Membership Licence: $177/Quarterly or $588/Yearly For All Thrive Products for Agency Use On All Yours & Client Sites.

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What Is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes located at is a company that creates premium WordPress plugins and themes designed to help marketers grow their business.

What are the Thrive Themes Products?

Thrive Themes has a lot of products to say the least. But we don’t have all day to go through each of them in great details. So let’s just say that Thrive Themes can be broken into two main product groups, WordPress themes and plugins. Watch the video below to get a quick overview of their products if you want the quick and dirty over view.

For those of you that like to get in more nitty gritty, I’ve laid out the existing products and what they do below.

Thrive Theme Plugins

Thrive Content Builder: This plugin replaces the WordPress visual editor with a better one. It allows you to easily create drag-and-drop layouts, add buttons and advanced content elements and much more!

Thrive Landing Pages: A plugin that allows you to create various type of conversion boosting landing pages in a few clicks without any design skills.

Thrive Leads: A plugin that allows you capture emails in various ways such as exit pop-ups, short codes, within content, slide ins and countless other ways.

Thrive Clever Widgets: This plugin will help show different content in the widget areas of your blog, based on posts, pages, categories, tags and advanced targeting rules.

Thrive Ultimatum: This plugin is the perfect scarcity marketing tool for WordPress. It will help increase your conversions by adding countdown timers, run complex evergreen scarcity campaigns and much more.

Thrive Ovation: Testimonials can help increase conversions by 34{5ece1dda536057d5f72db0c4ca33b2813b576758a971a6c3bc5a96b7f36c538e}. This plugin helps you gather and display them on your site to help you increase conversions.

Thrive Headline Optimizer: Improve your content by testing headlines against each other to determine which gets better conversions. For each blog post, Thrive Headline Optimizer will A/B test your titles and show only the highest performing ones.

Thrive WordPress Themes

Rise Theme:  Offers everything you need to create a captivating blog, supported by affiliate marketing and product sales.

Pressive Theme: Is an excellent theme for creating marketing websites and gorgeous sales pages.

Performag Theme: Is a magazine theme that is made specifically for magazine style sites.

Voice Theme: Is the perfect theme for blogging, podcasting and any other site where your content is the central focus.

Squared Theme: Is a flat design multi-purpose theme. Everything about this theme is bold and eye-catching.

Minus Theme: Is a minimal theme. It consists mostly of typography and white space, which means your content is put in the spotlight with minimal distractions.

Ignition Theme: This is the perfect theme for anyone who sells products online. It’s the one I use on many of my blogs.

Luxe Theme: The silky-smooth and luxurious design of the Luxe theme puts your content in the best possible light. 

FocusBlog Theme: Simple, professional and elegant, FocusBlog is your go-to blogging theme.

Thrive Theme Features

  • All their themes and plugins are mobile responsive.
  • Smart conversion elements such as built in opt-in forms and smart focus promotion features.
  • Easy page generators with existing content that can be edited.
  • Fast and won’t slow down your site.
  • Easy to customize your site.
  • Built in SEO features.
  • Adding analytics or any code site-wide is easy.
  • Social sharing is already built in.
  • Built in opt in forms.
  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Intuitive design and layouts.
  • Multiple color option and control.
  • Supports Custom CSS
  • Supports the use of short codes from other plugins
  • Image compression, optimized image galleries.
  • Conversion optimized header layouts
  • Create call to action buttons.
  • Create content boxes.
  • Create pricing tables.
  • Creating guarantee boxes.
  • Create testimonial content areas.
  • Add icons to your content.
  • Create timers and countdowns
  • Create html tables
  • Add click to tweet boxes.
  • Add fully responsive videos with one click.
  • Add table of contents
  • Add email and lead capture forms
  • Add star ratings for reviews
  • Create Conversion Optimized Landing pages in one click.
  • Much more.

How Much Does Thrive Themes Cost?

Thrive Themes provide various payment options depending on your needs.

If you only plan to purchase one theme and use it on on ONE site, you can purchase it for a ONE TIME FEE of $49. This gives you unlimited support and updates for 1 year for that one theme.

If you would like to purchase one theme and use it on ALL personal sites you own you can upgrade to the unlimited personal license option for a ONE TIME FEE of $67. You still get unlimited support and updates for a year.

There is also a really good option that gives you access to all the Thrive Themes plugins and WordPress premium themes for $288 per year or $75 every 3 months. This can be used on all sites you personally own and not those of clients you may have. Long term this option is the best in my opinion. Because it is like getting a Thrive Theme coupon or discount. It ends up saving you a lot money if you end up buying each of the products individually over time. Trust me, once you’ve purchased one thrive theme product you’ll want them all for your business and blogging needs.  

If you happen to have clients, there is an agency license option for $49 per month that must be paid up front for the all year. So the total cost is $588.  This provides you the ability to use this plugin on all your sites and those of clients you may have. The benefit of this option is that you get access to all the other thrive theme products such as their plugins and themes.


  • It’s more expensive in the long run to purchase thrive themes and plugins individually. You’re actually better of paying for one of their quarterly or yearly membership. I’m sure this was done by design. But it does save you money in the long run. 
  • There is a slight learning curve when using their themes and plugins. But it’s not hard because they have great videos, tech support and text documentation you can refer to.  
  • No trial versions but there is a 30 day money back guarantee. 



    • Their themes and plugins are fast and don’t bring your site to a crawl.
    • All the thrive products work perfectly together.
    • They have awesome support that is always there to help.
    • There is a great forum and tons of easy to follow support videos.
    • Frequent updates are made to all the products to fix any bugs and enhance the functionality.
    • Designed for both beginner and advanced users. 
    • You have as much or as little control over how the themes look.
    • The thrive products often eliminate the need for other plugins or themes.
    • Many of the plugins can be used in different ways that they weren’t intentionally designed for.
    • The products do really help increase your conversions.
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

      Should You Buy Thrive Themes?

      Hell yea, you should buy Thrive Themes especially the thrive membership! It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a Thrive Theme coupon or discount. Prior to Thrive Themes, I was a big fan of the Genesis WordPress Framework and themes. I also liked Leadpages. But I found both options to be limiting and not necessarily as intuitive as the thrive theme products.  In the past I would need multiple plugins or different themes to achieve certain marketing or design goals. But with Thrive Themes you pretty much have everything you need with their products. 

      So you can spend less time trying to piece together plugins to achieve your goal. More importantly you avoid dealing with plugin conflicts and other things that may slow down your site. Thrive Themes is a blogger’s and marketer’s ultimate tool set to help you create professional looking blogs. It’s not just about creating pretty looking blogs, it’s about creating blogs that are marketing machines that convert. That’s what you get when you purchase a Thrive Theme and their plugins.

      By the way, I’m not just singing their praise because I’m an affiliate. It’s also because I’ve used their products on all my sites and my clients. In fact the website you’re on is a thrive theme and this post content was built with the Thrive Content Builder. So I’m not just blowing smoke up your you know what.

      Well that’s enough jib jabbering from me. I would love to hear your thoughts about Thrive Themes and your experience. If you have any comments or questions feel free to post them below. Thanks for reading!

      Eddy with a y

      24 thoughts on “Thrive Themes Review: Should You Buy It? It Depends!”

      1. Hi Eddy,

        I feel so sad that I didn’t find this sooner. I just recently learnt of the existence of ThriveThemes. They’re awesome! I will probably use them for my next website.

        Another thing that people should note that it’s a real hassle if you wanna switch to ThriveThemes halfway. You can do it but it will take a lot of your time to re-edit every single page/post you have with the new Thrive Content Builder plugin. But if you’re down, go for it.

        Nice review man.

        • Hey Andrew,

          Better late than never my friend. I agree that it does take a little fiddling if you want to convert your old post into the thrive content builder. But if you have a lot of old posts, I would probably just pick the ones with the most traffic and start with that. I have hundreds of posts and I definitely think it was worth going back to the old ones to use the content builder. I just used it going forward which was good enough. But even without using the content builder, their themes are awesome. Thanks for chiming in!

      2. Hi Eddy,

        What is your experience in adding any additional plugins to a Thrive Theme? I’m talking about the WordPress plugins, not Thrive-specific plugins. Like for example, if you preferred a social sharing option other than the one provided with Thrive Themes, like maybe SumoMe, would there be compatibility issues installing and using it?


        • Hey Ian,

          I haven’t had any other issues. Thrive Themes designs their plugins and themes to the proper wordpress standards. So I haven’t run into any issues using other popular plugins that are good. And their support team is always updating their products to support popular plugins. So no issues there so far. But that’s a great question.

      3. I have not used Thrive Theme for the simple reason that they don’t have a free theme. At the moment, I had to rely on the free theme but if I upgrade to paid theme, Thrive will be my 1st choice.
        I recently saw this video by Thrive on why sliders suck and will ultimately ‘destroy your site’. I was impressed and since then, had been reading a lot about Thrive, including this excellent post of yours.
        Thanks for sharing and will come here to buy. (hope the free bonus will still be there!)

        • Well the good thing about thrive theme is they have a 30 day money back guarantee. So you can try one of their themes and if you don’t like it, you can get your money back without jumping through hoops. But I agree I wish they had a trial version to use. I initially just looked at the demo for the theme I purchased and that helped me make a decision. But I hear ya. Either way it’s risk free to purchase and get a refund if you don’t like it.

      4. Eddy,

        I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Thrive theme and I can see you using it in this post yourself. I really like their content builder. I have though about giving them a try to haven’t gotten the chance to. I’ll be sure to check it out once I have more time, really great graphic and user interface. 😉

        Thanks for sharing!


        • You’re welcome Anh. All the good things you’ve heard are true. So definitely check it out sooner than later. It really does have a positive impact on your blog and conversions.

      5. Thanks Eddy – you have totally opened my eyes, I had no idea this kind of functionality was available to me out of the box and in one package.

        Great and informative post.

        Have you had experience of contacting support for Thrive Themes at all as this tends to be a product differentiator for me.



        • You’re welcome Al! I am the same way when it comes to support because Lord knows we’re going into run into some technical issue with any technology we use. Fortunately there are rarely issues with thrive themes. But when there is they have an awesome support forum and team. Any minor issue I’ve run into, I just post on the forum and usually someone gets back to me within 24 hours or less. If it’s severe, they’ll even log into your site for you and check it out. So support is spot on. But you rarely need them.

      6. Great review on the Thrive Themes, I’ve never heard of Thrive Themes before but I think it’s a great concept. For the longest time, I always focused on making my website look pretty. I had always assumed that a pretty website would convert well. After watching this video I realized that having an attractive website does not mean it will convert well. I think I need to do some more research on this thanks for writing this review.

        • Thanks. I’m glad this review gives you some perspective. Don’t get me wrong an attractive site does help. But if it’s missing certain marketing elements it’s just a site that looks pretty to eye. Whereas with thrive you get professionally looking design but a lot of conversion boosting functionality out of the box. So it’s something to look into.

      7. Having been introduced to the Thrives Theme site last year, (but you Eddy) all I can say is that what this company has to offer is the real deal. Much as what you state in your review. I currently have two plug-ins offered by this company. The Thrives Leads plug-in and the Thrives Theme editor installed and active on my sites. They provide the high level capabilities as indicated in the review. I initially had issues installing one of the plug-ins on my own. But because Thrives has such a great support staff as well as tutorials provided at the site very easily I had the plug-ins installed on my site and functioning correct.

        I especially love the Thrives Visual editor plug-in. Working my way through all that this plug-in has to offer I was able to build a great landing page for my site and in fact have gotten both referrals and sales from the product that I am promoting. The landing page is clean, very visual and really draws in the readers to what is being offered. I don’t think that many plug-ins offered by competing companies can match what Thrives has to offer.

        The price is also very competitive and to be honest worth every penny that one pays for the product. If you have an online business then you simply would be unable to have the best website possible with out some of the Thrives products and especially the Visual Editor plug-in.

        Really, I would not think twice about investing money into the purchase of any of Thrives products for a WordPress website. You can have the best site possible using the Thrives products. Or without any of them you can just settle for mediocrity!

        • Hey Jeff,
          Thanks for chiming in. I’m glad you love the product and are still happy with it a year later. I agree their support is awesome. I can’t even imagine creating a blog without using a thrive theme and their plugins. So I’m happy you feel the same way.

      8. Great review! Your description of Thrive is so thorough and efficient. I like that they provide so many different valuable services in the memberhip plan. I’ll definitely keep that in my mind as I grow my website.

        One question – If i bought the first plan, but then decide I want to have the theme on all of my different websites – then do I get an upgrade option as in a discount or do I have to pay the full 67$?

        Same question for the membership option.


        • Thanks Junior. Here’s what thrive themes says about upgrading:

          Yes. Upgrading, downgrading, or cancelling a subscription is possible.

          However, please note that individual product purchases can’t be applied as discounts towards the Thrive Membership. If you decide to buy individual products now and want to become a member later, the single purchases you make are NOT credited towards your membership.​

          I hope that answers your question.

      9. Wow, Thrive Themes looks interesting. I’m new to it and still trying to familiarize myself, but I think it’s an all-in-one package, right? I might consider this if I build my new website. Right now I’m using Genesis for my blog because I’m more focused on minimalistic design, and I see that Thrive Themes has the tools to provide me with that functionality.

        • Hey Dominic,

          You get all the thrive themes and plugins if you go for the membership. And I want to point out thrive does have minimalist designs as well. I loved Genesis as well at one time. But I found thrive themes to be better since it has more flexibility and a lot of functionality built in. So that’s why I moved on and wouldn’t go back at this point. Thrive also has a lot of great tutorials and support so the learning curve is pretty quick. So just keep that in mind.

      10. Great job on the blog Eddy!
        The one thing that really impressed me is the fact that the program offers you so many options to choose from. Personally, I prefer not to have to deal with a lot of different plugins. I think it is great product.

      11. My experience as a long time user of is mixed. I found features hard to implement, labels are not intuitive. I invested a lot of time and wasted a lot of time unfortunately.


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