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Content Locker

Social Locker Review: WordPress Content Locker Plugin

Social Locker

Maybe you've come to realize that slapping on annoying social media share buttons isn't motivating your audience to spread  your great content out on the web. So you probably searched for a better way to motivate your "lazy" visitors to share the love. Chances are you learned about content locking and now you're trying to determine which is the best plugin to get the job done. Well search no more my friend, you found it today.

If you're looking for a content locker plugin that will help you get more traffic from social media without having to deal with buying ads, then the Social Locker for wordpress can definitely help you do that. It's not perfect and I'll get into why later in this review. However, I still think this social locker plugin can help you get more traffic and grow your social media following quickly.

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What Is Social Locker For WordPress?

Basically it’s a premium wordpress plugin that allows you to lock all or certain parts of your content with a shortcode. The user can only read that part of your content if they “pay” for it by some social action. This could mean they need to like your facebook fanpage, follow you on twitter, share your content on facebook, twitter, google plus, etc. You decide which social actions you want them to take to see your content. Either way, the social action will lead to you gaining more followers directly or indirectly if your visitors decides to share your content.

This works far better than slapping on those annoying social share buttons on your content that most people won’t use. 

How Does It Work?

You can watch my Social Locker video or just view the images below. 

Social Locker Features

  • Drive Social Traffic: Your visitors have share or tweet your page to gain access to the content you locked, their friends view the content. That means you can get visits from people that would never see your site in the first place. This happens over and over again.
  • Grow Your Social Following: When you first start out it may be very difficult to get people to follow you. But with this plugin it makes it easier to grow your following quickly. Even if you have an existing following, this will just help it grow faster.
  • Improve SEO Rankings: It’s no secret searching engines consider a number of factors when ranking a website. One of those factors is social media likes, followers, etc. This plugin helps your site grow in that area. 
  • Lead generation: Although you can setup this plugin to lock your content for social likes, shares or follows. It can be used as a lead generator. You can set this plugin up to unlock content by having them sign in with their social media profiles or entering an email address. The plugin collects these emails and names of visitors who unlocked the content. You can then export this into your email list software. 
  • Robust analytics: The plugin has a solid analytics section where you can see what content has been unlocked, where it’s been shared and the number of followers you have gained for each piece of content you locked. 

Are There Any Upsells or OTOs?

You can use this social locker plugin as is to get traffic and a social media following. But if you want to collect email addresses automatically into popular mail services like aweber, you have you to buy a separate optin plugin. Again you only need to do this if you don’t want to manually export and import from the social locker plugin. 


  • The plugin forces you to pick between social traffic or lead generation. It would be great if you could use both options when locking content.
  • It can be a little complicated to set up especially the sharing options and using Google plus. But they provide a lot of easy to follow documentation with images. Support is also very responsive and helpful.
  • There is no free version to use before you buy. 


    • It really does boost your traffic from social media.
    • It also actually works to increase your social media following.
    • It’s feature rich.
    • It’s easy to use once you get past the initial setup. 

      Should You Buy The Social Locker Plugin?

      Yes despite the minor cons I mentioned, I can say from first hand use this is a plugin that has increased my traffic and social media following. So regardless where you currently stand in terms of traffic or a social media following standpoint, this plugin is beneficial to helping your blog grow. Adding social share buttons are cool. But in my experience they are nowhere as effective as locking your content and asking people to pay for it by sharing your content or following you. 

      So I would encourage you to purchase this Social Locker Plugin.

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      Barry says September 5, 2016

      Is it too much too ask that my readers click like when they read my content. Apparently it is because they don’t. How rude.

      I can see it now have a nice opening bit of content, add a cliff hanger and say if you want to see how this turns out do this. Force their hand.

      I wonder are their any metrics that show numbers of those that choose not to unlock? Also I am assuming that the $25 is a one time cost?

      You know I like the idea of having my readers give back a little bit to read the rest of my brilliantly written content.

      Well maybe not brilliantly written. But still a little click is not to much to ask. Is it?

      Mainly I think people not in the business do not give it a thought how a like or a share can help the blog that they enjoy reading.

        Eddy with a y says September 5, 2016

        LOL, Apparently it is Barry. I don’t think people are being rude. They’re just in that “me me” mood where they just want to consume your content and get what it’s in it for them. It reminds me of how most people won’t leave a testimonial but they are quick to leave a complaint if they’re not satisfied. It’s just our weird nature. So this plugin softly nudes your visitors that do love your content to share the love.

        To answer your question, it is a one time fee for the plugin. Let me know if it helps you.

      Margaret says September 8, 2016

      This all sounds great but I am wondering why would people click to unlock the content when it isn’t visible but not click the social share buttons when it is visible? Wouldn’t the majority of people just go on to the next site and not bother? You have written a great post that is easy to read but I can’t see why social locker would increase traffic and not drive it away.

        Eddy with a y says September 8, 2016

        Because most people are lazy and not motivated to share. It’s not to say some won’t do it. But more will do it if incetivized. Why do you think contests exist? It because companies know that people are motivated by their own needs. So if you feed in to that you can benefit from it. However yes some people may decide to leave your page and get that information elsewhere but not all of them will do this. And that’s the folks you care about.

        It increases your traffic because to unlock the content people have to take a social action such as sharing your site with their social followers or by becoming your follower. If they share it with their followers, obviously you have more visibility to people that didn’t know you existed. And if they follow you on your social media platforms when you post new content there, now they’ll see it. Whereas before they may have visited your page once and never come back. But now that they are you follower they’ll see your posts more often.

        And finally Google tends to rank websites that have large social followings and have an audience that shares their content on social media. So that’s how this helps you. Sometimes I think its hard to wrap our heads around this stuff because we make the assumption of what we would or wouldn’t do. But everyone else is different and that’s what you have to keep in mind. Otherwise you might ignore tools like this which actually work to get you more traffic.

      Manny says September 8, 2016

      Hi Eddy, thanks for that great review as I was not aware of this type of tool for social media. I personally not a big fan of social media and while I think it can be effective for some products and brands, in the whole I think it’s mostly fluff. But I understand it’s a major factor in evaluating sites now and if you want to improve the performance and get more traffic you need to have a social presence. I have a question about the social lock, how much of following should you have before using this tool? Should you only use it on content that is ranked highly in search engines or can you use for all your content? Not sure if it makes sense but as I have only recently started in affiliate marketing and still learning the ropes 🙂

        Eddy with a y says September 8, 2016

        Hey Manny,

        I’m not a big fan of social media for business either but I know it’s a necessary evil and definitely drives traffic and helps ranking. The great thing about this tool is that it helps you build a following or increase your own. You don’t need to have a certain amount of followers to use it. You could use it on any content you like. I just started with my most highly visited pages because I know they were popular and getting traffic. So I saw the conversions were greater. But it’s worked on lesser visited pages as well. Its up to you on how and where you use it. You’ll see results one way or another over time.

      Marcus says September 9, 2016

      Hey, this is an interesting concept. I think I might have come across this, actually. I’m pretty sure I was reading a website recently and it told me that to continue reading it I needed to share it on Facebook or something. I’m not totally sure I like the idea, though. It seems a bit aggressive really, don’t you think? I mean, isn’t it better to let people do what they want to do?

        Eddy with a y says September 9, 2016

        It’s not agressive at all. It’s totally optional. You choose what part of the content you lock if at all. The problem with most regular share buttons is they tend to all up in your face floating around a given page. And most people don’t use them. I think you’re confusing the plugins that just pop up and cover the whole screen until you click the like button. That’s aggressive and annoying. With this plugin, your user gets to read some of your content and if they value it and want more of the article, they share it. I think that’s totally fair since not everyone will actually buy anything you may be promoting right away if at all. At least with this plugin you get compensated for your writing by increasing your following and traffic. But again people can do what they want, they don’t have to unlock the content.

      Gary says September 10, 2016

      I like the idea of creating more social traffic, but I’m not sure about forcing it with locked content. I’m hesitant to add another plug-in to my site. Does Social Locker slow your site down?

      I’d worry that my visitors might get ticked off because I’m playing games with them. Have you gotten any feedback from your visitors? Any complaints?

        Eddy with a y says September 10, 2016

        I’ve never had any complaints. You don’t lock all of your content, just certain parts of it that provide more value. If your audience values the effort and time you put into your content, paying for more of it with a follow or a share shouldn’t be a big deal. And in my experience it hasn’t been. People that find it an issue will just leave and that’s fine. Because those people probably wouldn’t take other actions that require more effort than a simple follow or share.

        One thing I’ve learned about being in this business is that you can’t worry too much about who you piss off. Because one way or another you will. So with that said you only need to focus on the people that get you.

      Kevin Mesa says September 11, 2016

      I’ve used Social Locker as a means for building my personal list for a while now. In my experience, as long as I’m offering a piece of content people WANT to read, they are very motivated to either share the content or join my list in order to keep on reading.
      You can imagine how powerful this is.
      I do agree that it would be nice if you were able to choose between lead generation OR social sharing instead of being able to utilize just one or the other.
      But, at the end of the day, all you have to do is decide which is more important to the type of business you’re trying to build.
      Overall, I think this is definitely a plugin that’s worth the install & activation.

        Eddy with a y says September 12, 2016

        Hey Kevin,

        I’m glad to hear that you’ve used this with great success too. It seems like some bloggers don’t understand how powerful this is. And I agree if it’s done properly everyone wins.

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