Conversant Review: Is It Worth Your Traffic?

If you’re a blogger or a publisher, I guess you already know that monetizing your site is not always easy. Some ad networks can really help you solve that problem while others may scam you out of your hard earned traffic. You probably already know this and that’s why you’re reading several Conversant Reviews to help you determine whether the ad network is worthwhile.

Well, we have some hard truths about the network and we’ve broken them down for you in this Conversant Review, some of which are pretty shocking. Do you dare read?


Who is Conversant? is a display ad network where advertisers buy ad space from publishers around the web. Conversant, LLC, founded in 1998 as ValueClick Media right before acquiring other players in the industry, including CJ Affiliate, (formerly Commission Junction), Conversant Tag Manager (formerly Master TMS) Conversant Ad Server (formerly Mediaplex), and Conversant Enterprise Solutions (formerly Dotomi). In this review, we’ll look at Conversant’s Display Ad network from a publisher’s perspective.


How Does Conversant Work?

Advertisers looking to meet their business goals turn to Conversant’s portfolio of publishers who wish to show relevant ads on their sites or blogs.

As a publisher, Conversant connects you to these advertisers looking to advertise their products or services on your site or blog. Using their integration options such as header bidding, Server-side API and direct tagging, you’ll be able to monetize your site’s content and track your earnings.


Conversant Features

There’s no point in joining an ad network that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. With that in mind, let’s look at some of Conversant’s features.

Multiple Integration Options – Conversant supports various header bidding integration options, both on the server-end and client-end, as well as SSAPI and direct tagging.

Complete Control – You can filter the ads you wish to display based on GEO, niche, category and so on. You can even block ads from certain advertisers, as well as create a whitelist for what you really like.

Real Time Stats – Performance and earning stats are available to you in real time, so you can see how your monetization experience is with Conversant in real time.

100% Fill Rate – You can show as many ads as possible in the desired integrated placements.

These features all sound great on paper, but it’s only if you have tons of traffic that advertisers can use. So if you’re struggling with traffic, consider joining Wealthy Affiliate that has incredible strategies, tools and training that will help you get FREE organic traffic from Google. You can even earn from sales and leads. It’s even free to join.

Again, it’s always wise to check out what else is out there, instead of limiting yourself to just one network. That said, you can check out, Traffic Jam Media, or as options.


How Much Money Can You Make With Conversant?

How much money you make with Conversant, just as most other networks, largely depends on the quality, nature and size of your traffic. But word on the street is their CPM is quite high as they work with well-established advertisers only, and their rates for pop ads are quite high. So unless you don’t like the idea of more money, you can always use more traffic to maximize your earning potential. Fortunately Wealthy Affiliate provides proven strategies, training and tools that help you get tons of FREE traffic from Google. Furthermore It’s FREE to start so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


How & When Does Conversant Pay Publishers?

Conversant pays via Check, Direct Deposit or PayPal on an Net-60 basis, but usually within 25 days. The minimum payment threshold is $25.


Conversant Requirements

For starters, you need at least 3,000 monthly page views, and your site should be in English to get approved. That said, they approve most sites, but the websites that bear the following characteristics shall be approved on a case by case basis.

  • Excessive ads, app-quest/test, user generated content (blogs, forums, discussion boards, chat rooms, etc.) that is not regulated,
  • Foreign websites.
  • Controversial issues (e.g. religion, sexual orientation and/or edgy humor).
  • wrestling.
  • Anime.
  • Gaming.
  • Old content.
  • Poor quality design and functionality.

Do you get the feeling that getting approved for the network is like spinning the wheel of fortune? Well, if you don’t like these terms, or you just don’t make the cut, don’t worry. You can check out, Traffic Jam Media, or as alternatives.


How To Join Conversant

To join Conversant Media, you’ll have to contact them first by filling out this form since they handle joining requests on a case-by-case basis. Approval takes around 2 days depending on the nature of your website.


How To Log In To Conversant

If you get accepted, you can go here to log in. On that page, they’ve included login options for all their associate services we mentioned at the beginning. So you’ll need to select the specific one you signed up for.


Conversant Support

To contact Conversant Support, you can send an email to or call them at 818-575-4500. They are physically headquartered at 30699 Russell Ranch Rd Ste 250, Westlake Village CA 91362.


Conversant Complaints

Since there’s no such thing as a perfect company, we found some complaints about Conversant that may help you decide whether this network is worth joining or a waste of time.

Poor Quality Ads – You run the risk of showing some weird-looking ads as users say it may be hard to distinguish between quality ads and those that suck. Poor quality ads may hurt your visitor experience, so you might want to use the filters on your dashboard well to avoid showing crappy ads.

Speak English Please – At the time of this review, they only accept traffic from English-based sites. But if you don’t meet these requirements, you can check out, Traffic Jam Media, or as an alternative option.

Ad Relevance Problems – Reports show that the network’s ad relevance is not as fine-tuned as most other networks in its class. That makes things a lot tougher, as this may affect the general performance of ads.


Should You Join Conversant Network?

You should definitely consider joining Conversant Media if you meet the requirements. They may not be filtering out the really poor quality ads, but you have the option of blocking those out. They work with big brands, and comfortably rival “top tier” networks such as AdSense and So you stand a good chance of monetizing well with the network if they accept you, but you only need at least 100 daily page views on average to monetize with this network.

That said, in order to sell your ad space to the big brands associated with Conversant, you will need to build your website up, and get tons of targeted English based traffic that will generate quality clicks for advertisers. With that in mind, consider joining the Wealthy Affiliate training program which has some of the best tools, training and strategies that will help you get tons of FREE search engine traffic. It will then be easier to meet the minimum monthly page views and eventually strike gold with Conversant. Best of all getting started with Wealthy Affiliate is FREE.

You can also check out other networks such as, Traffic Jam Media, or if you can’t meet Conversant’s requirements at this time.

Well, that’s my Conversant review. Would you join the network? Feel free to engage with us in the comments section below. If you still have questions about the network, you can find answers on their Support page.

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