AdMaven Review: Is It The Best Pop-Under Ads Network?

If you’re a blogger like me, you always have an eye for ways to boost your income from your site. Joining ad networks are perhaps the best way to do that. However, not all of them are worth your time. You probably feel the same way and that’s why you’re going through some AdMaven reviews to determine whether it’s worth joining.

Well, we have everything you need to know about the network. Unfortunately, some truths may shock you, so I wouldn’t join the network before reading this AdMaven review if I were you.


Who is AdMaven? is a display ad network that primarily focuses on push and pop-under ads. The company was founded in 2015 by current Co-CEO Noam Cohen. AdMaven is a subsidiary of Webpick Internet Holdings, and they are headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.


How Does AdMaven Work?

As an advertiser, AdMaven gives you access to their direct inventory across multiple ad formats including full-screen ads and native push notifications. You also get features such as advanced reporting, API access and multiple targeting options. They support CPA, CPI, CPL and CPS performance models for conversions, distribution or both.

As a publisher, once you’re approved and can get started, you’re given a self-serve platform with access to multiple ad formats including Push, Full Screen Ads, Direct link, Lightbox In-Between Ads and Banner ads. The Publisher interface allows you to check ad impressions and movements to aid in monitoring and tracking impressions.

The company uses an in-house RTB (real-time-bidding) technology that connects and associates with different networks. The software receives user data from different websites, sending them to the ad exchange where advertisers bid for ad space on the site.


AdMaven Features

Here are a couple of Ad-Maven outstanding features.

Multiple Ad Units – You have multiple ad formats to choose from including Pop-unders, Pop-up banners, Sliders, Interstitial, Lightbox ads and VPN banner ads for both desktop and mobile devices.

Link Shortening Tool – Much like services such as and, you can automatically shorten the links on your website with their link shortening tool.

Full Coverage – They monetize every single user and impression, worldwide and on every device.

Dedicated Account Manager – Every publisher gets their own account manager to help you get the most out of the network.

All of the features listed above sound great. But the bottom line is you need tons of visitors to stand any chance of making any real money with this network. So if you would like to increase your site’s traffic and earn even more money, you can join Wealthy Affiliate and learn how you can get tons of free traffic from Google. It’s FREE to get started.

Again, it never hurts to check out other networks that may have similar or better features. So you may want to check out, Traffic Jam Media, or as options.


How Much Money Can You Make With AdMaven?

How much you make, like is the case with most similar networks, is not set in stone. So the nature, amount and quality of your traffic will determine how much you stand to make.

Apparently, their algorithm works to help publishers get the highest bids and solid CPMs overall. But remember, if you don’t have the traffic, no piece of technology or algorithm will help you break the bank with Ad-Maven. So if you’re struggling with traffic, consider joining Wealthy Affiliate that has the strategies and training to help you get free, organic traffic from Google. It’s even free to get started.


How & When Does AdMaven Pay Publishers?

You can get paid via either of these options on a NET+30 basis.

  • PayPal – $50 minimum
  • Payoneer – $50 minimum
  • Wire Transfers – $1000 minimum
  • Bitcoin – $50 minimum

They process payments within the first week of every month. You can read more about payments here.


AdMaven Requirements

Every ad network has its own set of requirements and rules you ought to comply with to avoid getting the boot. Here are Ad-Maven’s:

  • You’re not allowed to use connections that promote child pornography
  • You can’t use ads, materials or tools you got from the platform in other software forms of publishing without their permission.
  • Your site should be free from malware, Trojans, viruses or anything that may cause harm to your users
  • They also prohibit provocative, offensive, profane language, harassment or any kind of abuse.

If you violate any of their terms they may either slap a $1000 fine on you or kick you out altogether. If you get kicked out, don’t fret. You can look into other networks such as, Traffic Jam Media, or


AdMaven Support

AdMaven will give you a dedicated account manager with a hotline and an email address to help you along the way. They’ll be your go-to person in case of queries. You can also use an Instant Messenger app on-site to contact AdMaven Support.

For general queries you can send them a message here, email to or call them up on +972-722-159-423.


How To Join AdMaven

To join the network, you just need to go here and create an account. They’ll then send you an email with details on how to proceed.


How To Login To AdMaven

Once you get approved (should be almost instant), you can login here to get started.


AdMaven Complaints

If we lived in a perfect world free of scams, we would all be happy. But since this is no perfect world, here are a couple of complaints about Ad-Maven you may want to know about.

Poor Customer Service

A network this huge should have reliable customer support, that’s according to users who have signed up on the network. They may assign you a dedicated account manager, but users say they’re hardly online, and you may have to wait for a few hours to a day to get your issues resolved.

No BBB Rating

Perhaps you rely on the Better Business Bureau to guide you against scams. Well, at the time of this review AdMaven is not listed. So it’s up to you to decide whether this is a deal breaker or not.


Should You Join AdMaven Network?

AdMaven is a great pop under network, and the CPM is better compared to most other networks if you prefer push, pop ups and pop under ads. Their network is vast, and the general opinion is that they can be even better if customer service was responsive. All the same, you can make some good money with the network if you have tons of traffic.

With that in mind, consider joining the Wealthy Affiliate training program which has some of the best tools, training and strategies that will help you get tons of FREE search engine traffic. Best of all getting started with Wealthy Affiliate is FREE.

It will then be easier to get advertisers to bid higher on this or other networks.

By the way, you can also check out other networks such as, Traffic Jam Media, or if you can’t meet AdMaven’s requirements at this time.

That’s a wrap, folks! Hope now you know all you need to know about AdMaven. If not, you can visit their Help section. If you have thoughts about this or any other similar company, don’t be shy. Feel free to chime in on the comments section below.

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