MGID Review: AdSense Alternative or Scam?

As a blogger, finding the right ad network can be the difference between pennies and dollars especially because there are tons of options available. Doing your research may narrow things down, and that’s probably why you’re going through MGID Reviews to determine whether it may suit your needs.

Well, we did the hard work so you don’t have to. Unfortunately, we dug up some shocking truths about the site. So you may want to read this MGID review carefully.


Who Is MGID? is a native advertising network that connects advertisers who want to advertise their products or services with publishers who are willing to show these ads to their audience. MGID was founded in 2004 by Sergey Denisenko and they are currently headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, USA.


How Does MGID Work?

As a publisher, MGID gives you two options. You can either monetize your traffic by showing native ads on your site or by “recirculating” visitors. The former is pretty much straightforward while the latter works to send traffic to other websites and vice versa. With recirculation, MGID uses widgets tagged as “promoted content” that may appear at the end of your site’s articles.

Publishers get to choose what content to promote. Meaning, as a publisher you can either promote content similar to your website’s niche, or different content. You won’t be strong-armed to promote what you don’t like. The widgets also integrate into your website’s design, but viewers will be aware that the content is promoted and not written or endorsed by you.

As an advertiser, your site-relevant advertisements can be displayed in a couple of different desktop ad formats including exit pops, header widgets, under-content widgets, and sidebar widgets. On mobile, ad formats include push notifications, a header and under-content widgets. Choosing what format to display ads is left to the publisher. Again, website visitors will know that the content is promoted.


MGID Features

MGID claims to run a non-invasive CPC and traffic exchange network for publishers and advertisers. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the network’s features.

Native Ads – The relevant content seamlessly integrates into users’ natural activity stream, with widgets that are cohesive with website design.

Multiple Platforms – The ads work across all devices, platforms and websites, and are compatible with your third party DFP, and no GEO limitation.

Traffic Recirculation – You can display other websites’ content for more traffic and vice versa, with adaptive presets and full customization ability.

Multiple Ad formats – You can choose between exit pops, header widgets, under-content widgets, and sidebar widgets. On mobile, ad formats include a header, under-content widgets and push notifications.

Any publisher would jump at the chance to work with, with such great features to use. But they are not the only fish in the sea. You may want to consider joining other networks like, Traffic Jam Media, or instead of limiting your earning potential to just one network.


How Much Money Can You Make With MGID?

Depending on the amount and quality of your site or platform, there’s no cap as to how much money you can make. MGID uses the Net 30 model. For publishers interested in displaying ads rather than recirculating traffic, MGID claims an average RPM of $1-3 with no cap. The minimum payment threshold is $100.

Ultimately, to stand any chance of making real money with this network, you need tons of traffic, and you can always use more. So you may want to consider joining Wealthy Affiliate that has all the best tools, training and strategies you’ll need to drive traffic to your website and make more money with ad networks like MGID. It’s FREE to get started.


When Does MGID Pay Publishers?

MGID pays every month once your earnings reach $100. You can get paid via either PayPal, bank or wire transfer.


MGID Requirements

There’s no minimum traffic requirement, but some practices can get you banned from MGID. With that in mind, here’s what’s not allowed by the network

  • Adult, obscene, pornographic, or content of a sexual nature
  • Defamatory, libelous, infringing, abusive content
  • Illegal content, sale of firearms or illegal drugs
  • Sites that promote hate or discrimination

You can read the full terms here.

If the shoe doesn’t fit, or you get banned for any reason don’t worry, again, lots of fish in the sea. You can look into other networks like, Traffic Jam Media, or


How To Login Into MGID

To get started with MGID, you’ll need to go here and create an account. Once you confirm your email, you can then fill out your personal and site information, then start checking out bids from advertisers.


MGID Support

To contact MGID Support, you can email them on or call them via +1 424 322 8059. The company’s physical address is 1149 Third Street #210,Santa Monica, CA, 90403.


MGID Complaints

There’s no perfect company. So it’s up to you to decide whether the complaints on the next section are deal breakers or not. So here goes!

Your bounce rate may increase – MGID is designed to send traffic away from your website, besides giving you traffic through the recirculation model. So it’s up to you to decide on the most effective strategy, depending on your traffic needs.

Low Earning Potential – You won’t be smiling all the way to the bank, especially if you don’t have tons of traffic. Well a $1-3 RPM is not all that bad, but publishers say you’ll need insane amounts of traffic to rely on this network as your monetization network of choice. If you’re struggling to get traffic to your website, consider joining Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to get tons of free search engine traffic. It’s even FREE to get started.

The content you promote may outshine yours – You run the risk of promoting juicier content than yours, since MGID fine-tunes the promoted content by relevance. They display “top internet stories”. So again, it’s upon you to decide whether the strategy may work for or against you.

No BBB Profile – If you rely on the Better Business Bureau as your stamp of approval against scams, maybe the fact that they are not listed is the final nail in the coffin.

So if any of these complaints brush you the wrong way, don’t fret. There are other networks that won’t harm your bounce rate and may offer a better RPM even with less traffic. With that in mind, feel free to check out, Traffic Jam Media, or as options.


Should You Join The MGID Network?

MGID is definitely a network worth testing. If you’re looking for a widget-based approach to displaying ads and traffic exchange, then you can try out MGID. It can work for you depending on your situation, needs and goals. The user interface is simple to navigate through, and ad and widget placement is highly intuitive with lots of customization options.

That being said, you can always use more traffic to your website, especially if you’re not a fan of traffic recirculation that may harm your bounce rate. So if you’re looking to get more FREE, organic traffic from Google, consider joining Wealthy Affiliate which gives you access to a world of strategies, training and tools to help you get free search engine traffic. Best of all it’s FREE to get started.

So folks, that’s my MGID review. Do you have thoughts or experiences with this or any other network for that matter? Don’t shy away from chiming in on the comments section below. And if you have more questions about the MGID, you can find answers on their Help page.

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