Google Adsense Review: Is It Still Worth Joining?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Google and have used their Search Engine. But did you know about their Adsense program which is an easy way to monetize your blog. Chances are you are aware of their program and may have even read a few Google Adsense reviews. In this Google Adsense review, we’ll tackle the good bad and ugly. You’ll be shocked by what we found out.


What is Google Adsense?

Google is a multinational company with its main location is in Mountain View, CA. They have several offices around the U.S. as well as Canada, Europe and the rest of the world. It was founded by Ceyhun Yildiz, Larry Page and Sergey Brin back in September 1998. Google Adsense is very well known along with other networks such as eBay Partner Network and CJ Affiliate.


How Does Google Adsense Work?

Google Adsense is pretty easy to use. You’ll need to have a Google account to get started and of course, a website. Once you sign up, you’ll need to copy a small piece of code and place it in the header of your site. Once your site has been approved, Google will place ads on your site and you will begin to see a balance in your account from clicks on those ads.


Google Adsense Features

Google Adsense is one of the easiest programs out there. It’s free to join and easy to get set up. Your site is approved quickly–usually within 24-48 hours. Some other features include:

Great for Beginners

Many advertising type network programs can be complicated and difficult to set up. Google Adsense is very easy for beginners to get started monetizing their blogs.

AdMob Reward Offers

If your visitors play games on your site through AdMob reward ads, users can spend money to continue the game or wait a specific amount of time to continue.

Adsense for Search

This feature allows you to place an Adsense search box on your site allowing you to collect earnings from clicks made on search result pages.

Positive Better Business Bureau Rating

Google is a very well known company with an A rating with the BBB.

Like any advertising network program, there’s always the chance that you might get rejected for some reason. If you should get rejected, there are other networks you can join such as, Traffic Jam Media and And if you want more traffic to your site, consider joining Wealthy Affiliate. They will teach you step by step how to get tons of FREE traffic from Google.


How Much Can You Make with Google Adsense?

As with most advertising networks, the amount of money you can make will vary according to the types of ads, pricing of ads by advertisers and the amount of traffic to your site. According to our research, publishers can receive up to 68% of the revenue generated. But this is also dependent on how much advertisers spend for ads, click through rates and impressions.


When Do Google Adsense Publishers Get Paid?

Payments are made at the end of a calendar month for earnings from the previous calendar month. Payments are determined by valid clicks on the ads displayed on your site. Payment options can be set up for wire transfer or through your bank account. You’ll need a minimum of $70 in your account before you can cash out.


Google Adsense Requirements

General requirements to join Google Adsense are similar to other programs. For instance, you must be 18 years or older and agree to have only one account. Other requirements include:

  • You must have your own website free from comment spam
  • Your site must not promote any illegal activity or sexual content
  • No copyrighted material or violent content
  • Your site must have a clearly defined privacy policy and outline how data collection is handled

These are all pretty basic requirements, but If for some reason your site can’t meet these requirements, you may want to consider joining, Traffic Jam Media & as an alternative option.


How To Login To Google Adsense

To log into your Google Adsense account, click this link here.


Google Adsense Support

Google has a few different ways to get support. There’s an Adsense Help Forum where you can try to find the answer to your questions. AdMob users have their own AdMob Help Forum. Their main phone number in California is 650-330-0100.


Google Adsense Complaints

We’ve talked a bit about how Google Adsense works and some of the features of the program. Now let’s dive into what may not be so great. It’s up to you to decide if this is worth your time or not. Here are a few things that may make you think twice:


Must Have A Website

In order to be a part of this program, you must have your own website with your own domain. No free websites such as Blogger are allowed.


Kiss Your Money Goodbye If You Are Banned

If you violate Google Adsense policies you can be banned. You could be banned for a simple policy change that you weren’t aware of. And if you should get banned, it’s very difficult to get back into the program and you forfeit any balance in your account.


Limited Control Over Ads

Publishers won’t have much control over ads placed on their site through the Google code. Google decides what ads to put on your site based on their own criteria.


Minimum Payout May Take A While

The minimum payout is $70. Depending on your site traffic, it may take a while before you can earn enough to cash out.

As with a lot of these programs, traffic is key to earning money. If your site doesn’t get a lot of traffic, your ability to make decent money here is limited. Then again, if your site doesn’t get a lot of traffic, you may not be approved anyway. If you should get rejected, check out other networks such as, Traffic Jam Media and And if you want to learn how to get tons of great traffic to your site, join Wealthy Affiliate.


Should You Join Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is certainly a legitimate program and there’s money that can be made here. But the amount of money may be more in line with a supplemental income as opposed to making enough to quit your day job. You can always join other networks such as MediaVine,, Traffic Jam Media and And if you want to increase the amount of traffic to your site, consider joining Wealthy Affiliate. They will teach you how to get tons of FREE Google traffic.

Well, I guess that’s all for now, folks. If you’d like to know more about Google Adsense, click here for their Help Center. And if you have any experience with Google Adsense, leave a comment below. I’d love to read about your experiences.

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    Adsense SUCKS. Another Google product to rip off businesses. My site has 10K/month visitors. My first month adsense paid $2.23. Not worth it at all. Total ripoff and waste of time.


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