How To Increase Your Blog Traffic – Locking Your Content


As discussed in the video above, you can attract more FREE traffic via social media by locking certain parts of your existing content. The key to this tactic is provide enough useful content within your post that draws your user in. But you want lock sections within your content that may provide additional useful information such as tips, hacks, features, or warnings that tug at your visitors emotional strings. So you must use a fine balance of giving enough of a taste in your content but leaving them wanting more.

This tactic works extremely well with your existing popular posts. But it can be used on all your posts for incremental growth if you want.


Next Steps:

  • Review your blog analytics and identify your most popular posts.
  • Re-read each of your posts and decide which part of your content would be good to lock while still providing enough value to entice your audience to act.
  • Download a content locker that encourages viral sharing to view content and lock parts of your popular posts.
  • Repeat this step with additional posts or all posts.
  • Watch your social media following and traffic grow consistently over time.


I know this tip seems pretty easy but it’s very powerful. I assumed than many bloggers are aware of this. But I’m always surprised to see how many blogs lack strong calls to action. So if you knew this already, then that’s great for you. But for those of you that didn’t, you will be happily surprised how applying this increases your conversions relatively quickly.

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In any event, I hope you enjoyed this tip. If so please leave a comment below. If you have any questions, feel free to post it down below as well. Thanks for reading.

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