How To Increase Your Blog Traffic – Giving Stuff Away


As discussed in the video above, you can attract more FREE traffic by giving away prizes such as money, gift cards, your product, services, etc. Contests have always been a cost effective way to promote a company. But they haven’t always been easy to set up. But that has changed especially if you’re using certain WordPress contest plugins. Some of them will allow you to set up a contest that encourages users to share your site to improve their chances of winning your contest.

This can lead to more subscribers and direct traffic to your blog. The great thing about this tactic is it can be used over and over again.


Next Steps:

  • Pick a prize that has mass appeal like money or gift cards.
  • Download a contest plugin and set up your first contest.
  • Pick a prize that has mass appeal like money or gift cards. It will draw more people to enter.
  • Ensure that that contestants have a greater chance of winning by sharing your contests.
  • Export your contestant email addresses to your own list and use it to drive people back to your site for ongoing traffic.


This is a pretty effective technique to build up a list quickly and to drive people to your website. However it may not necessarily attract the proper audience depending on what your prize is. So you may want to test different prizes depending on your goals to determine which is more effective.

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In any event, I hope you enjoyed this tip. If so please leave a comment below. If you have any questions, feel free to post it down below as well. Thanks for reading.

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