Traffic Junky Review – Is It Worth Joining?

If you are a blogger, you’re always looking for ways to maximize your income. There are many ways to do that. But one of the easiest is to join an affiliate or ad network. You probably already know this and it’s why you’re searching TrafficJunky Reviews online.

Well, in this TrafficJunky review, we’ll explore if TrafficJunky is worth joining and promoting on your site. The answer may surprise you.

Who Is TrafficJunky? is a CPM-based advertising platform that connects adult based advertisers and publishers. The company is based out of Montreal, Canada and has been in business since 2008. But it’s origins actually started with Mindgeek back in 2004 when it was founded by Ouissam Youssef, Stephane Manos, and Matt Keezer in Montreal. They claim to currently serve 1.4 billion ad impressions a day and 141 million visitors a day to their websites.

TrafficJunky provide geo-targeting, keyword targeting, time targeting, ISP targeting, and frequency capping along with mobile pop-under advertising.

TrafficJunky Features

Like most networks, has a number of features for both advertisers and publishers. It’s also available in most every country.


  • Membership is free; no setup costs
  • Gives your business extensive reach to your targeted audience
  • Each ad is tailored to your targeted customer
  • You pay only for the impressions you need
  • Targeting specific countries, cities or worldwide traffic
  • As an Advertiser, you would bid on ad placement


  • Membership is free; no setup costs
  • Publishers can use TrafficJunky as an additional revenue stream
  • Monetization options for niches related to online dating, gambling, health and beauty, self-help, and other sex-related niches.
  • Ads are placed in sidebars, footers and banners
  • Publishers can choose from pre-set formats or customized formats to ensure the best ad placement.

Other networks you may want to consider that have similar and/or better features are the following:

How Does TrafficJunky Work? The Bidding Process

Publishers are paid for each impression. TrafficJunky algorithms rank websites based on the number of conversions and clicks. So if your site gets a lot of traffic you’ll get more ad clicks and earn better money. If you struggle to get traffic or want more of it, you may want to join Wealthy Affiliate which teaches you how to get tons of FREE traffic from Google.

In either case, Advertisers want good quality sites with tons of traffic. Advertisers will then bid on ad placement on your site if it meets these needs. TrafficJunky is simply the middle man. So as an Advertiser, you would review websites for ad placement and bid on places available on websites. The Publisher would accept the bid and ad and would then be given the code for the ad to be placed on their website.

How Much Can Publishers Make With TrafficJunky?

The amount of money publishers can make will vary depending on their site traffic and the advertisers. It could be a few bucks to thousands of dollars per month.

Ultimately if you want to make the most money from your site, you shouldn’t just limit yourself to one network. You should have multiple streams of income from various networks. So to maximize your income, you may want to join the following sites as well:, Traffic Jam Media & They provide various ways to monetize your site and various quality advertisers willing to pay you well for placement on your site.

But you also need a lot of traffic! Fortunately Google will give you tons of it for FREE if you know what you’re doing with your site. Wealthy Affiliate can provide you with proven step by step training to help you get more FREE traffic and make more money.

How Do You Get Paid From TrafficJunky?

TrafficJunky provides a couple of ways to get paid. They use PAXUM, FirstChoice Pay, Paypal, U.S. wire transfer, and International wire transfer. There is a minimum payout of $100 for Paypal, $50 for FirstChoice Pay and PAXUM and $500 for International and U.S. wire transfers. Payouts are on a weekly basis but publishers that are on the flat plan are paid monthly.

TrafficJunky Requirements

To sign up as a Traffic Junky publisher, you need to be at least 18 years or older to sign up for the program either as an advertiser or a publisher. TrafficJunky is available in most countries.

As a Publisher, you must submit your sites for approval before you can use the program. Part of the approval process includes a traffic evaluation to make sure your site has high enough traffic to be included in their program.

If you by chance you do get rejected, don’t fret. Try applying to other networks such as, Traffic Jam Media & There are always other options.


How To Log Into TrafficJunky

Publishers can log into their TrafficJunky account at:

To create an account you must fill out an online form which includes your first and last name, email address, password, gender, phone number (optional) and Skype number (optional). You can also sign up with your Google or Paypal account.



TrafficJunky support is available 24/7 via email and live chat. However, customer support, payment processing and ad revision is only available during regular business hours. You can contact TrafficJunky via email at You can also contact them via phone at 1-877-467-2875.


How To Make Money With TrafficJunky

As mentioned earlier publishers can make money by placing TrafficJunky advertiser ads on their sites. However they can also earn via the TrafficJunky referral program whereby you refer others to join TrafficJunky via your individual referral link provided by the company. If other publishers sign up for Traffic Junky you’ll get a 10% commission in the form of TrafficJunky Credits which can only be spent on TrafficJunky.


TrafficJunky Complaints

Now that we’ve laid out how TrafficJunky works, it’s time to get into the complaints against According to our research, TrafficJunky has had no official complaints listed on BBB (Better Business Bureau). But there have been complaints about their business practices. There are members of TrafficJunky who are not happy. Here are some issues which we have laid out below:

No BBB Listing

At the time of this review this company is not listed with the better business bureau and has no rating. If that’s a deal breaker for you, then there are other affiliate networks that have positive BBB ratings such as &

Referral Program Sucks

Most affiliate networks will actually pay you real money for referring other affiliates. But TrafficJunky thinks they’re slick with their TrafficJunky credit which is real self serving. And the REALLY misleading thing is that they state right on the referral page “the easiest way you can make money in 3 simple steps!” But it’s not real money! It’s only when you read the fine print that you see the reference to being paid in TrafficJunky credits!

If you want a great referral program that pays you real money and offers pay per lead and recurring income, then Wealthy Affiliate referral program is something to look into.


TrafficJunky doesn’t seem to vet their advertisers so there have been complaints of users clicking on an ad and asked to “update their browser settings.” This has resulted in users inadvertently installing malware on their computers which has caused endless problems for the user. As a publisher, I wouldn’t want to run the risk of being blamed for spreading malware on someone’s computer.

Inconsistent Stats

Obviously as publishers we’re here to make money. So accurate stats are important. For instance, one member complained that the click stats vs. measured stats in Google Analytics were way off by a magnitude of 10-15 times.


Should You Use TrafficJunky?

If you’re a content publisher in an adult related niche, you can probably earn some additional income with the TrafficJunky network. But this network probably doesn’t make sense for other type of websites.

Some of the complaints about the inconsistencies with stats and malware listed above may give you pause as well. But it may be worth giving Traffic Junky a shot regardless of some of these complaints. That’s for you to decide.

However if the complaints make you uncomfortable or you want other ways to monetize your website, then you may want to consider the following networks:, Traffic Jam Media & Regardless of what network you join, traffic to your site is key. You can never have too much traffic. So if you want to learn how to get more of it coming to you for FREE, you may want to consider joining Wealthy Affiliate which will teach you proven step by step strategies to boost your traffic. But they also provide you tools as well to help you make more money. Either way, they can help new and experienced bloggers get more out of their site.

Well that’s all for me. If you have any questions about click here for their faqs. However if you have already tried this network or considering joining, I would love to read your comments and experience below.

Until next time,

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23 thoughts on “Traffic Junky Review – Is It Worth Joining?”

  1. Hi Eddy with a y 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this review on trafficjunky.  I wasn’t aware of them until I read your article. 

    I do like learning affiliate marketing with wealthy affiliate because Im a newbie. So I agree with your recommendation that is helpful.  I also agree with you about multipling your sources of income. Because if one does not work well, you have other, and , if all of them work well, well it’s very awesome:)

    I will go have a look to trafficjunky and the other that you suggested. My site is pretty new and basic. So we’ll see what happens. 

    Thanks for the Info,



    • You’re welcome. Yeah you can never have too many sources of income. Just keep in mind traffic junky is really for adult based websites. So unless your niche site is realted to that it’s pointless to join it. But the other networks I recommended may be useful to you. 

  2. I’m always looking to make money online and not have to spend any money to do so.

    Traffic Junky sounds like you can make some money, but nothing spectacular.

    This program along with anything else on the internet is all about getting traffic. Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate program for building a business online and getting traffic.

    I am going to look into these other networks as well to see what’s best for me with adding some income.

  3. Great information! As I am just starting out, I’m always looking for more traffic. But it doesn’t look like TrafficJunkie is right for me. I probably won’t qualify for the program because the program is looking for sites that have tons of traffic. My site probably doesn’t fit the bill. Also, TrafficJunkie is targeted for adult-related content. 

    However, I will do more research on the program as well as the other programs you mentioned. Thanks for sharing! 


  4. Traffic Junky is a really good platform. So many other platforms charge us for subscription and also setting up the cost for it. But Traffic Junky is not charging us anything for setting up which is a first big advantage.

    I also love how TrafficJunky has 24/7 support which is a added bonus.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. 

    • I don’t understand this concept of affiliate networks charging their affiliates to join their network. Is that really a thing?

  5. I am kind of hesitant to join Traffic Junky after reading your review for a number of reasons:

    1. Referral program has no financial benefit

    2. It runs the risk of being attacked and not secured

    3. Having a high traffic website, there are several opportunities for making money.

    4. Even if it’s free to get in, the risk outweighs the benefit in view,

  6. Thanks for the very thorough and comprehensive review post.

    Before joining any program I always like to read reviews like this. So that I can save my time, effort, money and sometimes trouble.

    Your review gave me a good understanding about TrafficJunky. Being a full-time blogger, I do look for additional ways to increase my website traffic and this review post gave me helpful insights.

    Some of the cons you mentioned is stopping me from joining TrafficJunky and I will give a serious thought.

    Wishing you great success!


    • You’re welcome Paul. I always check reviews as well before joining or buying anything. So I’m glad this may have helped you. 

  7. Hey Eddy, 

    I don’t think Traffic Junky will be right for my needs. So thanks for sharing these other affiliate network options.  Are these other affiliate networks free to join? I want to know because I want to set up multiple sites. These other networks sounds like they may help monetize them. So thanks for sharing them with me. I appreciate your review. Thanks again!

  8. Hello,

    As a blogger (newbie) you’re absolutely correct about me wanting and looking for ways to maximize my income possibilities. In doing my research I am sure I might have eventually come across TrafficJunky. Your thorough review of them saved me time, some very valuable time that can be spent productively elsewhere. I appreciated and made a list your recommended networks for people who are looking for specific types of help with their websites.

    Thank you for your insights and recommendations!


  9. Hey Eddy,

    In my opinion, this may not worth joining. I would not join due to the fact that they pay TrafficJunky credit! 

    What I really don’t like is the unknowing malware that can be installed. How would you like to have one or 10 users on your site complaining about malware from your site? Not impressed with that.

    Thanks for making me aware of TrafficJunky.



    • Hey Jimmy,

      I think you’re confused regarding the credit situation. They only use that to pay you if you’re referring other bloggers to join as a publisher like you are. But when it comes to the ads that advertisers pay you to put on your site, you’re actually provided real money. So I wanted to clear that up. But I hear you regarding the fear of having ads on your site that may lead your users to malware. That wouldn’t sit well with me. 

  10. Stay away from TrafficJunky. I’ve been an affiliate of them for a long time and they stopped posting the new signups on my affiliate dashboard (I even tried signing up with a fake email to see if it’s working and guess what it didn’t show up on my dashboard) also my account balance shows way less than the bonuses i was supposed to earn and the worst thing is they are not responding about this issue for months. They are claiming the biggest in the market but they actually are very shady and seems like scammers.


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