HireWriters Review: Best Content Mill or Scam to Avoid?

Working online as a writer can be rewarding, but it can also be a pain in the ass if you work for the wrong company. So that’s probably why you’re going through several HireWriters reviews.

Well, wonder no more, because we have the truth about this company and laid it all out in our HireWriters Review. Some of it is shocking, so you may not like what you read, but you’ll thank me later.


What is HireWriters?

HireWriters.com is a content mill. In other words, it’s a service that acts as an intermediary between clients who want website content written and freelance writers. It’s not clear who owns the business, but HireWriters is operated by Greg Meyers – CEO of Wordployment, LLC; a content management company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, US.


How Does HireWriters Work?

As a writer, once you complete the signup process and get approved you’ll be able to pick and write articles available on the Jobs Board. Each task has its own set of instructions to follow while writing the content.

A client will specify the job title, keywords, writer’s skill level and special instructions to the writer. Then, based on the number of words and writer’s skill level, the system will price the task and post it on the Jobs Board. As a writer, you can only pick the job if your skill level is equal to or greater than the one specified by the client. There were four skill skill levels at the time of this review:

  • Beginner – Everyone starts here
  • General – Completed at least 3 jobs, with an average rating of 4 stars and an on-time rating of 73%.
  • Skilled – Completed at least 6 jobs, with an average rating of 4.2 stars and an on-time rating of 82%
  • Expert – Completed at least 15 jobs, with an average rating of 4.6 stars and an on-time rating of 82%

Clients determine how fast you rise up the ranks as they are allowed to rate your submission each time they approve or reject your article. Your rating will then be an average of these ratings.

Writers have 12 hours to complete 300 words or less, 24 hours for 500 words or more and 48 hours for any article above 2000 words in length. Once you’re done, you can submit the job to the client and await feedback.

The client may either accept, request a revision or fire you as the task’s writer. If the client doesn’t respond to the submission within 72 hours from the time you submitted the article, HireWriters will automatically approve the article but won’t assign it a rating.

If you don’t feel comfortable working under so many rules and factors to consider, maybe it’s time you became an independent writer. You can join Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to start your own writing business either writing for yourself or for clients and have the freedom to set your own rates. You can build a portfolio around your skill set and partner with people who are willing to pay you what you’re worth, with more freedom and control. The best part is getting started with Wealthy Affiliate is FREE.


HireWriters Writer Payment Rates

Payment rates depend on your average rating. At the time of writing, here are HireWriters’ payment rates.

  • Beginner – $5.5+ for 1000+ words
  • Skilled – $11+ for 1000+ words
  • Expert – $30+ for 1000+ words

A client can also add a tip if they so wish.


How Much Money Can I Make With HireWriters

How much you make depends on the availability of jobs, your writing skills and the quality of content you produce. Factoring in things like tips, revisions and direct assignments, the average writer on HireWriters is a Skilled level writer earning $100+ a week. That’s if there’s constant workflow throughout.

But that’s assuming you can land consistent work. Why leave things to chance, when you can join Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to build your own online business writing for yourself or others. With your own business, the sky’s the limit in terms of how much money you can make and you will have consistency with your pay.


How & When Does HireWriters Pay Writers?

HireWriters pays via PayPal every Friday. They make payments in USD and if you’ve earned at least $10 they’ll pay you automatically.


HireWriters Sign Up Process

HireWriters accepts writers from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand at the time of this review. Anyway, signing up is pretty simple. All you need is an email address. Once you fill out the sign up form that details your name, country, age, bio and password, they’ll ask you to take an English exam. If you pass the exam, they’ll ask you to write a sample based on a subject they provide. You have 15 minutes to complete the sample.

When you’re done, you can submit your application for review. They normally get back to you within 48 hours. If they approve your application they’ll tell you how to kick things off. On the flip side, if you don’t hear from them after 48 hours just know that you didn’t make the cut.

If for any reason HireWriters rejects you, or you can’t apply from your country, it’s definitely not the end of the world. You can join Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to start your own business as an independent blogger or write content for clients without the need for a content mill dictating whether you are good enough or not.


HireWriters Complaints

No company is perfect, so we try to keep things real in this section so you can decide for yourself whether the company is worthwhile or not. So here are a couple of complaints against HireWriters.com.

You can easily get banned

HireWriters has some pretty tough rules you have to follow. Some of them are written while others come to light when you wake up to a banned account. For instance, they don’t allow you to operate two accounts from the same computer. Another unwritten rule is that your PayPal account should be under your name. Some writers claim they only knew of these rules when HireWriters froze their accounts. Once that happens, you can kiss your account and any unpaid earnings goodbye.

But you don’t have to worry about losing money or content mills shutting you down when you’re running things as your own boss, right? If so, consider getting started with Wealthy Affiliate for free and learn how to become an independent writer or blogger.

Some Clients don’t play nice

In all fairness, most clients are awesome. They’ll send you tips, request revisions only when necessary and approve work almost immediately. But others can be jerks. Some request for more words than they intend to pay for. Others give you a bad rating for no good reason. In other words, clients may determine how fast you get your rating to Expert level. It doesn’t matter how good a writer, you are.

No BBB Rating

At the time of writing, HireWriters is not listed with the Better Business Bureau, although their parent company is listed, but not yet rated. So it’s you to decide whether that is a deal breaker or not.

Don’t quit your day job

Don’t wrap things up at your current job and set out to earn a living with HireWriters. Jobs can be seasonal here. At times you may not find a single gig on the job board and sometimes you may have to take Beginner level jobs to make ends meet. Clients say dry spells can last for months. So if you don’t have clients that send you jobs directly, you may find it harder than usual to make a decent sum.


HireWriters Alternatives

If you’re considering your options based on what you’ve read or otherwise, you can read about other content mills we’ve reviewed before like iWriter and Copify. And if you feel it may be time to break away from content mills and build your own business writing for yourself or others, Wealthy Affiliate has all the training and strategies you need to be an independent writer or blogger. Furthermore, you can get started for FREE.


Is HireWriters worth it?

HireWriters is a legit company with its ups and downs just like any other content mill out there. You can easily make it to expert level if you are consistent and clients play nice. However, they have some unwritten rules you may or may not know about before they freeze your account and keep your money.

That said, maybe you would be more comfortable working as a freelance writer. Being independent gives you the freedom to earn what you deserve. You can build a portfolio to showcase your work and only write for clients you like. If you feel that’s a road worth taking, you can join Wealthy Affiliate and get access to endless opportunities of making money either as a freelance writer with your own clients or a blogger like me.

As a blogger, I make six figures writing content for my blog and partnering with people who pay me what I’m really worth. I don’t do it on my own, there are certain tools and training I use along the way, including:

Wealthy Affiliate – A community that teaches you the skills to make your own website as a blogger. They also give you all the tools and training to make this happen. Best of all, you can try it for FREE.

Jaaxy – A keyword research tool that helps you get the right keywords to use while writing content for yourself or your clients. This helps drive massive traffic. You can try it for free!

SERanking – This tool gives you a competitive edge over your competitors. While writing content, either for yourself or your clients, you can enter a website of a competitor and see what keywords they’re ranking for and the content they wrote. SERanking does other great things to help you get more traffic if you have your own site. In any case, this is another useful tool every writer should have and it’s free to try!

Well, that’s my HireWriters review. Do you think this content mill is worthwhile? Or do you have an experience working there? Let us know in the comments section below. If you still have questions about the site, you can read their FAQs page here.

Until next time

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