Copify Review: Money Machine or Just Hype?

As long as the internet exists, there will always be money to be made, and money to be lost. If you do your homework and put in the work, you can make a living on the web. You’re probably going through Copify reviews to know whether you can make real money writing articles from it.

You may be shocked at what you’re about to read in this Copify review, so I would strongly suggest you read along carefully. You’ve been warned!


What is Copify?

Copify found online at is a content mill that claims to help clients get articles, blog posts and other digital content written by freelance writers. Copify was co-founded by Martin Harrison and Rob McVey in 2010 and they are currently headquartered in Lancaster, England (UK).


How Does Copify Work?

Here’s how things go down at Copify at the time of this review. As a writer, you’re tasked with picking a job from a list of available gigs or orders. The types of jobs available include blog posts, press releases, product descriptions, reviews and so on. You’ll be able to see the type of job, pay, deadline and special instructions from the client once you click on a job. Here are the timescales they allocate for each task per word count.

  • 100 – 500 words: 24 Hours
  • 500 – 1000 words: 48 Hours
  • 1000 – 2500 words: 72 Hours
  • 2500 – 5000 words: 6 Days
  • 5000 – 10,000 words: 10 Days
  • 10,000+ words: 14 Days

So once you complete an article, you can submit it for review. The client has a 30 days to review the content and either approve or send it back for revision. They can’t reject the article, they’ll just have to do a back-and-forth with you until they’re satisfied with your work. If the client doesn’t respond within 30 days, Copify will assume silence means consent and pay you in full.

But a client will rate your work on a scale of 1-5 stars, and the stats will eventually determine your pay level and how many jobs you can pick at once. So once the client approves your work and leaves a feedback, the pay for the job will appear in your Copify account immediately. You can then wait for payday and the cycle continues.

If for any reason you feel you won’t meet the deadline after you take on a job, you’ll have to notify Copify via email with the job ID and reason. But don’t make that a habit or they’ll kick you out and ban your account.


Copify Writer Payment Rates

Copify pays in Sterling pound (£) at the time of this review. There are two writing tiers; Standard and Professional. Standard writers make roughly £0.015 per word, while Professional writers earn up to £0.05 per word. You start off as a standard writer, then you can apply for a professional position after your 25th submission.

Does it bother you that sites like Copify determine your rate? I don’t blame you. Did you know you can determine how much you make writing online? One way to do that is by joining Wealthy Affiliate where you learn how to start your own blog. With your own blog, you can make money writing articles for clients that bring tons of traffic to their websites. Or better still you can also learn how to write content for yourself that makes you even more money than writing for annoying clients. Best of all, It’s totally free to start.


How Much Money Can I Make With Copify?

With Copify, how much you make depends on a few factors. How many articles can you write in a day? What’s your pay grade? How many jobs are available, and how many can you pick at once? The answer to these questions, assuming there are no revisions, determine how much you can make as a writer at Copify.

Assuming you can write a 1,000 word article in an hour, you’ll be earning roughly £15 an hour as a standard writer and £50 an hour as a professional writer, assuming there’s a steady flow of work.


How & When Does Copify Pay Writers?

Copify pays via PayPal every day at 14:00 GMT. Once a client approves your work, you can immediately request for payment. They issue a mass payout for pending withdrawal requests at 2PM GMT.


Copify Sign Up Process

To sign up as a writer, you’ll need an email address, your resume, a profile picture and a PayPal account. Once you fill out your personal details including name and location, they’ll ask you to upload your resume. You’ll then do a grammar test before writing a timed sample. The sample takes 1 hour. They’ll then review your application and get back to you within 48 hours.

Heads up – Copify says only 40% of applicants get accepted. So you’ll have to ace the tests to stand any chance of making it in. But hey, you don’t have to worry about that when you’re running your own blog? Wealthy Affiliate can train you on how to make money with your own blog. You’ll also get to learn how to write content that drives tons of traffic to you or your clients’ websites, where you can set your own rates and work whenever you want as your own boss.

Copify Complaints

I know this is the part of the review most of y’all are really interested in. With so much crap going on out there, you’re never really sure what you’re getting into until your dream turns into a nightmare. So here are a couple of complaints against Copify you may want to know about before joining the content mill.

Don’t quit your day job

A good number of writers claim there’s simply not enough work to guarantee you’ll be living off a Copify payday. Others say the work can be tedious, requiring a lot of research that eats into your turn around time. So don’t join Copify if you’re not happy with the rates we mentioned earlier.

Clients can be jerks

It seems you’ll need a lot of patience to work at Copify, otherwise the opportunity is just not for you. A client is free to request a revision as many times as they wish. So some of them will misuse this power by being total jerks. Some writers say clients request revisions for simple typos or grammar errors that they can fix with a single press of a button.

Remember, a client has a cool 30 days to approve your article. One writer claims there are clients who wait until the last minute to request a revision. Once they do that, they add another 30 days to their allowed approval time. Ha! Why deal with annoying clients who can reject your work when you can write for yourself and earn money guaranteed without the headache?

Fortunately Wealthy Affiliate can train you on how to make money with your own blog and it’s FREE To get started!


Copify Alternatives

If you’re not fully convinced that Copify is the right fit for you, don’t fret. There are other options to explore as well. You can read our TextBroker review or iWriter review and see if what they have going on may interest you.

However, you don’t have to let content mills and bitchy clients determine how much you can make as a writer online. You can venture on your own and build your own profession. A proven way to do that is through Wealthy Affiliate where you’ll learn how to make real money either writing articles for your own blog or for clients. Keep in mind you can’t build a portfolio with the articles you sell to content mills. But with your own articles or clients, you can easily build a career profile that will eventually work for you. It’s free to try so you’re not committing to anything.


Is Copify Worth it?

Let’s conclude by stating the obvious. Copify is not a scam. They’ll pay you if your job meets the client’s requirements. But is it worthwhile? That depends. Are you ok with the rates? Are you willing to wait longer than a couple of weeks for a client to approve your work? Can you tolerate horrible clients? Again, once you submit an article, it’s gone. It’s no longer yours. So if you’re planning on building a flashy portfolio while smiling all the way to the bank, then Copify is not for you.

That being said, there are better ways of succeeding as an online writer. I would be better off working where I know I’m earning what I’m worth, while staying in control of every aspect of my valuable time. If you feel the same way, you can join Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to build your own website. You’ll also learn how to write content that drives tons of traffic to you or your clients’ websites.

Personally, I focused on blogging for myself, which helped me earn six figures. I partnered with companies that pay me what I’m really worth. There are certain tools and training that help me achieve this. You can use them for yourself or while writing content for your clients. They are as follows:

Wealthy Affiliate – A community that teaches you what it takes to build your own website that pays you what you’re truly worth. In addition, they’ll give you useful tools and training to make this happen. The best part is, you can try it for FREE.

SERanking – Ever wondered what your competitors are doing that make their sites rank high on search engines? This tool can help you do competitive analysis for yourself or clients to know what keywords they’re ranking for and the content they wrote. SERanking does other great things to help you get more traffic if you have your own site. All in all, this is another great tool every writer should have and it’s free to try!

Jaaxy – A keyword research tool that helps you know the right keywords to use while writing content for yourself or your clients to get tons of FREE Traffic. Best of all, you can try it for free!

It’s all about working smart, people!

Well, that’s all I have on Copify. Do you have an experience with any content mill you would want to share? Don’t be shy, feel free to drop us a thought or two on the comments section below! If you still have questions about Copify, you can find answers on their FAQs page.

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  1. I certainly don’t see how anyone can compare Wealthy Affiliate to Copify in any which way.
    I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and yes, it’s a great platform for getting into an online business, but it is not a place where you can earn money, “easily” or otherwise, by charging clients for writing.


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