BidVertiser Review: Better Adsense Alternative?

Lots of bloggers are looking for ways to make money with their blogs. And there are many different ways to do that. You may have heard of BidVertiser before and perhaps you’ve even checked out a few BidVertiser reviews. In this BidVertiser review, we’ll figure out if this advertising network is legit or not. You’ll be shocked by what we found!


What is BidVertiser Network? is an advertising network that connects advertisers with website publishers. They were founded back in 2003 by Bpath and serve over 80,000 publishers and advertisers worldwide. Their main office is in Israel and Shahar Jacobi is the CEO. They also have a data center in San Jose, CA.


How Does BidVertiser Work?

Web site publishers can sign up with their own website or use a free domain in BidVertiser. If you have more than one site, you can have ads placed on all of them. Unlike other advertising networks such as Outbrain and Maxbounty, BidVertiser allows website owners to sell ad space on their sites to the highest bidder. The price of ad space is dependent on the quality and popularity of a website. With BidVertiser, advertisers place ads directly on sites and only pays when a visitor clicks through to their site.


BidVertiser Features

One of the main features of Bidvertiser allows you to not only have ads placed on your site, but you can also place ads in a toolbar, app or search engine. Other features include the following:

  • Free to join
  • Big name clients such as VOIPo, Trend Micro and Kromtech to work with
  • Referral program for publishers. When your referral earns $10, you will be credited with $10. When that referral earns $50 you will be credited with an additional $40.
  • Full coverage for desktop and mobile worldwide
  • Different ad formats to choose from including banners, pop unders, and sliders.

While these features aren’t bad, you can also join other networks such as, Traffic Jam Media & that have similar and/or better features.


How Much Can You Make with BidVertiser?

The amount of money you can make with BidVertiser is dependent on the popularity and quality of your website. Assuming that advertisers want to place ads on your site, your income is determined by how much advertisers are willing to pay for space on your site. So potential income will vary.

Traffic is also a determining factor in the popularity and quality of your website. If you need more traffic, join Wealthy Affiliate. They will teach you step by step how to get tons of FREE traffic.


When Do BidVertiser Affiliates Get Paid?

All payments are made in U.S. Dollars and are paid on a monthly basis within 30 days of the previous month. You must have a balance of at least $10. Payment options include PayPal, Bitcoin, check or bank wire.


BidVertiser Requirements

As a publisher, you must submit an application to the program. Your application will be reviewed and evaluated to ensure that you meet BidVertiser’s criteria. Requirements include:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You agree to hold one account only
  • All information on your site is in compliance with applicable copyright and other laws
  • Your site must not engage in or promote illegal activity, adware, malware, viruses or phishing offers

Once you are accepted into the program, you’ll receive an activation code. You can then choose a category for your website along with a phone number. You’ll receive a text message with another activation code to complete the approval process.

There’s always a chance that your application will be rejected for perhaps lack of traffic or some other reason. If you get rejected, you can re-apply to the program at a later time. If you are worried about being rejected, you can always join other networks such as, Traffic Jam Media & These networks have similar and/or better features. And if you think you were rejected due to lack of traffic to your site, consider joining Wealthy Affiliate. They will teach you how to get tons of FREE traffic from Google.


How To Login To BidVertiser

To log into BidVertiser, click this link.


BidVertiser Support

Support of BidVertiser publishers starts with trying to find answers to your questions through their support page here. If you still need additional help, you’ll need to open a support ticket or send an email to There’s no phone number option. Account managers are available via Skype, phone and direct email.


BidVertiser Complaints

We’ve talked about the features of joining BidVertiser. Now let’s discuss what might not be so great about this program. The following may make you think twice about joining:

No Control Over Ads

Advertisers seem to have all the control here. Advertisers decide what ads to place on which websites so it’s possible that you may end up with ads on your site that are completely unrelated to its content which can make for a lousy user experience.


Earnings Might Not Be As Good As You Think

The amount of money you earn is directly connected to the popularity and quality of your website. So sites that are not as popular won’t earn as much. According to our research, in one instance, a publisher earned only $1 from 130 clicks.


Excessive Popups

Some publishers have complained that advertisers have slammed their sites with tons of popups. This could actually cost you rankings.


No BBB Rating

At the time of this review Bidvertiser is no rating with the Better Business Bureau. This may or may not be a deal breaker for you.

If you find that any of the above complaints are things you can’t deal with, you may want to consider joining other networks such as, Traffic Jam Media & And if you think you might need more traffic in order to make any decent money here, join Wealthy Affiliate. They will teach you how to get tons of FREE traffic from Google.


Should You Join BidVertiser Network?

If your site is a well-aged, popular, quality site, there’s a good chance you can make some money here. But if your application should get rejected, there are other networks you can join that have similar and/or better features such as, Traffic Jam Media &  If you are rejected because you don’t have enough traffic going to your site, join Wealthy Affiliate. They will teach you how to get tons of traffic for FREE.

Well, I guess that’s it for now, folks. If you’d like to know more about BidVertiser, check out their Support page here. And if you have any experience with BidVertiser, I’d love to hear about it so leave a comment below.

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