Top 9 Best Loan Affiliate Programs Worth Joining!

Most people have borrowed money or taken a loan at one point in their lives. It could be for a car, a home equity loan, business or whatever else. Borrowing money is pretty much a big part of our society. And that’s probably why the loan industry makes billions every year. But I’m sure you know this and it’s why you’re considering getting in on the action by joining a loan affiliate program. Well we’ve done the leg work, and compiled the 9 Best Loan Affiliate Programs Worth Joining!

How To Choose Loan Affiliate Program To Join?

You could be limiting your income potential if you only consider an affiliate program’s commission rate as the only qualifying factor. Other factors greatly matter as well that you should consider.

Cookie Period

Short cookie periods may work against you since you’re never really sure when a visitor will follow through with a loan request. The longer the cookie period the better your chances of locking in a commission if they decide to take action later on your link.

Affiliate Manager

Good loan affiliate programs should assign you an affiliate manager to help them maneuver the affiliate program. The affiliate manager should point you towards the strategies, tools, offers and products that work well with your audience. In addition, your affiliate manager should help you negotiate better commissions once your lead numbers improve. They can also assist you to come up with proper landing pages and other tools based on your marketing requirements.

Minimum Payment Threshold

A low minimum payment threshold means you get paid sooner as opposed to a very high one which may be too difficult to reach. Some affiliate programs have very low commission rates. So with a high minimum payment threshold it may be difficult to reach the high threshold. If you’re just starting out, you may find it deflating if you have to wait for too long to get paid.

Available Commission Payout Methods

The affiliate program you choose to join should have flexible payout methods that are conveniently available to you. It would make no sense to join an affiliate program that can’t pay you. PayPal is a great option if its available to you. However its good to have other options like check, bank transfer, direct deposit, Payoneer, Skrill etc which may be a better fit for others.

How Much Money Can I Make With Loan Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Generally affiliate marketing can make you millions of dollars each year. But how much you make depends on a combination of factors including the commission rate, your audience reach, marketing skills and the industry itself. Potentially, you can make a couple of hundreds every month when starting out and your income can rise as you scale and grow your business.

Best Loan Affiliate Programs To Join

So now let’s look at some of the loan affiliate programs you should consider joining, based on the factors we discussed earlier.

Zippy Loans Affiliate Program


Commission Rate: $45 per lead

Cookie Duration: 1 day

Available Payout Methods: Direct Deposit

Minimum Commission Payment Threshold: $20 every 1st of month

Zippy approaches payday loans and personal loans provision a little differently. Instead of facilitating the financing request in-house, they’ll plug you into their network of lenders who lend customers anywhere from $100 to $15,000. Their approval process is also immediate and you can get a personal loan in as fast as a single business day. All the customer needs is proof of a regular source of income and to be of legal age. Bad credit isn’t an issue. With the potential of earning $45 per lead, this affiliate program may be well worth the effort if you can get over the 1 day cookie duration.

What We Like About Zippy Loans Affiliate Program

  • Generous commission rate
  • Low payment threshold
  • Large customer base
  • Several products to promote

Zippy Loans Affiliate Program Complaints

  • Short cookie period
  • Only one payout method available

SoFi Loans Affiliate Program


Commission Rate: Up to $150 per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Available Payout Methods: Check, wire transfer, bank transfer, PayPal

Minimum Commission Payment Threshold: $25 after 60 days

SoFi says they take a ‘radical’ approach to lending, helping members ‘get ahead and succeed’. They offer both personal loans, funded loan products and small business finance products at industry-average interest rates. Customers can get up to $100,000 with interest ranging from 4.99% to 17.53%. Affiliates earn $100 for a funded application, or $150 for a student refinancing loan. It’s one of the popular options around, having paid out well over $10 million in affiliate commissions to date.

What We Like About SoFi Loans

  • High sales commission
  • Long cookie life
  • Popular option for loan affiliates

SoFi Loans Affiliate Program Complaints

  • Long payout wait time
  • Few products available to promote

Check Into Cash Affiliate Program


Commission Rate: Up to $30 per sale

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Available Payout Methods: Check, wire transfer, bank transfer

Minimum Commission Payment Threshold: $50

Check Into Cash is a long-standing emergency credit solutions provider that has been in business since 1993. They provide both payday loans, business loans and other forms of personal loan options as well as advances and check cashout services. So as an affiliate, you’ll be promoting loans from $50 up to $1000. Customers can apply in either one of their 800 branches countrywide or online via their website. Online approvals are instant with next-day processing. For that, you’ll earn $30 for new applications and $10 for renewals or existing customer applications. Again, you’ll get your affiliate commissions immediately if a loan is approved unlike other providers that pay affiliates when the loan is actually funded.

What We Like About Check Into Cash Affiliate Program

  • Long cookie life
  • Several products available to promote
  • Personal account manager available
  • Faster payout than other similar services

Check Into Cash Affiliate Program Complaints

  • Few products to promote

Ace Cash Express Affiliate Program


Commission Rate: Up to $60 per sale

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Available Payout Methods: PayPal

Minimum Commission Payment Threshold: No Minimum Threshold

Ace Cash Express has been around since 1968 offering short-term loans, business loans, personal loans and cash advance loans. The application procedure is pretty much the same as other loan providers in their category, instant approvals and next-day processing. In addition as an affiliate you can earn $5-$60 in commissions depending on the type of loan you’re promoting. Payday loans and funded installments pay the most in commissions, while express loans pay between $10 and $25.

What We Like About Ace Cash Express

  • Long cookie period
  • Immediate payments via PayPal
  • Reputable company with large customer base

Ace Cash Complaints

  • Low commission rates

LoanMart Affiliate Program


Commission Rate: Up to $100 per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Available Payout Methods: Check, wire transfer, bank transfer, PayPal

Minimum Commission Payment Threshold: $25 after 60 days

LoanMart primarily offers title loans to car owners who are willing to offer their car as collateral for a short-term loan. They also offer personal loans, funded loan and small business loans. They’ve been around for over two decades now. So they should be having a solid customer base, being present in 25 states and 427 cities within the US. Customers can apply online for instant approval and next-day processing. As an affiliate you’ll make $100 per lead with the possibility of recurring payments.

What We Like about LoanMart Affiliate Program

  • High commission rate per sale
  • Long cookie period
  • Several payout methods available

LoanMart Complaints

  • Long payment waiting period

Zoca Loans Affiliate Program


Commission Rate: $5 per lead

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Available Payout Methods: PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit

Minimum Commission Payment Threshold: $25, Net 30,45, 60

Zoca offers customers short term personal loans, funded loan products, emergency and payday loans in the region of $200-$1,500. So customers can apply directly via the Zoca website and get an instant decision. Also, a customer doesn’t need good credit to apply for short term financing. As an affiliate, you’ll earn $5 per lead irregardless how much they end up borrowing.

What We Like About Zoca

  • A popular payday loans provider
  • Tons of products to promote
  • Low minimum payment threshold

Zoca Loans Complaints

  • Low commission rate per lead

What Are Some Alternative Loan Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Maybe none of the affiliate programs we mentioned appealed to you, that’s ok. Here are a couple more alternatives worth checking out.

MaxBounty – If you prefer lead-based offers and CPA-based offers alongside sales-based offers, MaxBounty is a great option for you. So if you don’t want to limit your commissions to just when someone buys something or spends money consider joining MaxBounty where you can earn for lead based offers as well as sales-based offers.

ShareASale – ShareASale is perhaps one of the largest affiliate marketing networks around with tons of companies to promote across several niches and industries. So if you want to broaden your horizon and not limit your affiliate marketing business to just loans affiliate programs, you’ll definitely find something worth your time and effort at ShareASale. You can go here to join ShareASale.

JVZoo – With JVZoo, you can promote digital products related to personal or business finance, credits and loans. You could promote self-help books, guides, educational material, ebooks and other digital resources related to loans and finance. If that’s something you feel is worth checking out, you can go here to join JVZoo.

How Do I Make The Most Money With Loan Affiliate Marketing Programs?

To succeed promoting loan products as a loans affiliate marketer goes beyond just identifying and getting accepted by these programs. You’ll need the platforms, skills and strategies to stand any chance of making real money promoting these programs. Here’s where you can start.


If you don’t already have one, you can start a blog and create content around loans, personal finance, business finance, advice, credit recovery, interest rates, etc. But a blog without tons of targeted traffic is of no use, since you won’t have the audience that will take action on the various products you may promote. If you’re looking for a way to go about increasing your website’s organic traffic from Google that converts, consider joining Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll learn about the tools, strategies and skills required to run a successful blog. Even if you have an existing blog, you can always use more traffic. Best of all, Getting started with Wealthy Affiliate is free!.


The biggest video sharing platform and second largest search engine today poses a huge potential for loans affiliate marketers. You can create video content around finance, loans and credit, then post the links to your affiliate products in the description area. If you’re struggling with YouTube marketing, or would use additional help, you can check out this FREE webinar to learn all about YouTube Marketing and how to successfully run an affiliate marketing channel on YouTube.

PPC (PayPer Click)

PPC is another proven method to promote loan affiliate program links if you’re exploring other options beyond YouTube and blogging. All you have to do is create landing pages around content relevant to the credit card industry. You can then pay Google to show the page as an ad on the search engine. But that’s an overview. To learn more about PPC and how to successfully go about it, consider joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Loan Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

Loan affiliate programs are definitely worth getting into. Credit financing and the loaning industry as a whole is growing, and the affiliate commission margins are quite high compared to other niches. But loan as a subject is really sensitive. You’ll need to create content that adds value to your visitors so they can trust you, which is easier if you’re a professional in the industry. That being said, focus on products with attractive interest rates and be sure to stick to what you know as the industry can be very competitive.

Well, I hope you’re now able to pick a loan affiliate program to join. Did you find our list helpful? Would you join either one of the companies we mentioned? Let us know in the comments section below!

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