Top 8 Best Insurance Affiliate Programs Worth Joining

It’s no secret that the insurance market is huge, making up an estimated 7-8% of the GDP in the United States alone. This is probably due to the fact that almost every other person requires some sort of insurance for themselves or property they own. With an industry worth well over $1 trillion, it’s no wonder that insurance affiliate programs are popular. Obviously you also want in on the industry and that’s why you’re checking out several Insurance Affiliate Programs.

Well to help you decide we zeroed down on everything you need to know about insurance affiliate programs and the 8 Best Insurance Affiliate Programs you should join.

How To Choose The Best Insurance Affiliate Programs?

Gone are the days when affiliate marketers only considered the commission rate as the qualifying factor while choosing insurance affiliate marketing programs to partner with. You could be limiting your earning potential if you don’t consider other factors.

Cookie Period

Cookies determine whether or not you’ll earn a commission when someone clicks on your affiliate link. The longer the cookie stays stored in your lead’s computer the higher your chances of earning a commission if they decide to buy an insurance product or take action later on.

Affiliate Manager

The affiliate program you choose to join should provide you with great support. Furthermore you should have a responsive affiliate manager who can guide you on how to effectively promote their program so you stand the best chance at making money. An unresponsive affiliate manager could damage your chances of making money in the ever dynamic affiliate marketing industry. So this should be considered when joining an affiliate program. A good affiliate manager can sometimes make or break your chances of success.

Minimum Payment Threshold

This refers to the amount you’ll have to earn in order to get paid by the affiliate program. A high minimum payment threshold means you’ll have to work harder or make tons of sales before you get paid. This can be tough to achieve especially if you’re just starting out or the insurance products are hard to sell. So you should always consider how high or low a payment threshold is. Because depending on your marketing skills it will determine how fast you’ll get paid or not.

Available Commission Payout Methods – As an affiliate marketer, you want to get paid in the most convenient way possible. Most companies have PayPal as an option, and we like the payment processor because of their availability in several countries, affordability and speed of processing. Bank, check and wire transfer take the longest to process, but other folks find payment processors such as Payoneer, Skrill and Dwolla to be just as safe and convenient. So depending on where you’re located and preference be sure to confirm what payment options are available to you before you join an affiliate program.

How Much Money Can I Make With Insurance Affiliate Programs?

Potentially speaking you can make millions in insurance affiliate. But ultimately your income will based on things like your audience, marketing skills and the insurance company’s affiliate commission structure. Just keep in mind, the insurance industry is highly competitive. So you’ll need to have amazing affiliate marketing skills to be able to carve out your piece of this industry. But on the flip side because the industry is huge there are tons of affiliate income generation opportunities for you.

What Are The Highest Paying Insurance Affiliate Programs?

We searched the web to identify some of the best and highest paying insurance affiliate marketing programs you should consider joining. They include:


URL: USAA Affiliate

Cookie Period: 30 Days

Commission Rate: $4-$25 depending on action

Available Payout Methods: Payoneer, Check, Bank Transfer

Minimum Payment Threshold: US$50 (Payoneer, Direct Deposit), US$100 (Check)

USAA has been serving the U.S military members since the early 1900s. With a variety of insurance products ranging from financial independence to family health insurance, auto insurance, life insurance and retirement plans, their insurance affiliate program should be well worth the effort. You can promote their home, auto, renters, health life, umbrella and small business insurance programs for up to $25 in commissions. They run their affiliate program business through CJ Affiliate. Once you get accepted you’ll get access to a couple of marketing tools including advanced trackers, reporting monitors, banners, text links and more.

What We Like About USAA

  • Well known, trusted company with a large audience
  • High commission rates
  • Action-based commission plan
  • Tons of products to promote

USAA Affiliate Program Complaints

  • Audience may be limited to the military community



Cookie Period: Unclear

Commission Rate: $5, $10 or $20 per lead

Available Payout Methods: Check, and Bank Wire Transfer

Minimum Payment Threshold: $50

Allstate is a big name in the insurance industry, so it shouldn’t be a challenge promoting their insurance products for a commission. The insurance company runs its affiliate program through Impact Media and you can earn anywhere between $5 and $20 in commissions just for getting people to sign up for a quote with Allstate. So even if your visitors don’t end up spending money you may still earn something. However, it’s not clear how much you’ll earn if someone actually buys an insurance product.

What We Like About Allstate

  • Business has an established reputation
  • You can earn commissions for quote leads

Allstate Insurance Affiliate Program Complaints

  • Unclear cookie period
  • Complicated reporting and analytics



Cookie Period: 120 Days

Commission Rate: $10-$75 per lead depending on action

Available Payout Methods: Payoneer, Check, Bank Transfer

Minimum Payment Threshold: US$50 (Payoneer, Direct Deposit), US$100 (Check)

This online health insurance company offers a variety of products to individuals and families living in the U.S. At the time of writing they’ve partnered with some other 180 health insurance carriers offering well over 10,000 health insurance products and services. Most similar life insurance companies don’t reveal cost plans publicly, but eHealthInsurance does. So you won’t find it rough marketing their life insurance products, costs and plans. To join, you’ll need to send an email to customer service at detailing how you plan on promoting their insurance products. If you get accepted into their health insurance partner program they’ll provide you with marketing tools and materials so you can hit the ground running immediately.

What We Like About eHealthInsurance

  • Top online health insurance and life insurance company
  • Action-based commission plan
  • Long cookie life

eHealthInsurance Affiliate Program Complaints

  • Not the best for beginner level insurance marketers


URL: PetFirst Affiliate Partner

Cookie Period: 30 Days

Commission Rate: $25 invite referral, 8% for sales

Available Payout Methods: PayPal, Check, Bank, Wire Transfer

Minimum Payment Threshold: US$25

If you have a pet blog you can business promoting PetFirst’s pet health insurance products for an 8% commission. Pet lovers prefer PetFirst for their short claim waiting period for illnesses and accidents covering cats and dogs. As an affiliate all you have to do is sign up at Flexoffers by searching for PetFirst on the Advertiser’s section. If PetFirst approves your application, they’ll hook you up with text links and banners as marketing tools. You can then track your sales and affiliate performance via Flexoffers.

What We Like About PetFirst

  • Fast-growing pet health insurance company
  • Customized insurance and products plans,
  • Generous commission rates

PetFirst Affiliate Program Complaints

  • Audience limited to pet insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance


Cookie Period: 45 Days

Commission Rate: Up to $25

Available Payout Methods: Check, Payoneer, Bank Transfer

Minimum Payment Threshold: US$50 (Payoneer, Direct Deposit), US$100 (Check)

Allianz Travel Insurance is another worthwhile affiliate program to look into especially if you’re a travel blogger or into anything related. They offer travel insurance to millions of travelers so you’ll be guaranteed an audience if you do things right. Another perk with Allianz Travel Insurance is they work with trustworthy  big brands like Delta, American Airlines, Ticketmaster, Dictionary Cruise line, AAA and Best Western. As an affiliate you’ll get a $20 bonus from your first sale on top of the regular commission. They offer marketing, reporting and tracking tools for their affiliates as well.

What We Like about Allianz Travel Insurance

  • Well established company with a large enough customer base
  • Several sales bonuses including first sale bonus
  • Tons of products to promote
  • Growing commission structure for increasing sales volumes

Allianz Travel Insurance Affiliate Program Complaints

  • High competition
  • Not easy to get accepted

What are Some Alternative Insurance Affiliate Marketing Programs?

If none of these appeal to you or you would use some more worthwhile options, check out these  alternative insurance affiliate marketing programs.

MaxBounty – Perhaps you don’t want to limit yourself to sales-based affiliate products to promote and would also want to promote lead-based and CPA-based offers. MaxBounty doesn’t require your visitors to buy something for you to earn a commission, as their commission plan is action-based. You can earn through CPA (Cost per Action) offers like signups, trials, quote enquiries and more. You can go here to join MaxBounty.

ShareASale – ShareASale has a huge category of companies you can do business with, that are not limited to selling insurance products. You’ll definitely find something of interest to promote thanks to their wide range of options. You can go here to join ShareASale.

JVZoo – Insurance affiliate marketing is not just limited to selling insurance products or services. You can widen the scope of your marketing and sell digital products like guides, ebooks, how-to information and the like, that are related to insurance. If that sounds like something worth getting into, then definitely consider JVZoo as an alternative to marketing insurance products. You can go here to sign up for JVZoo.

How Do I Make The Most Money With Insurance Affiliate Programs?

Getting accepted or joining an insurance affiliate program is the easy part. The reality is, you’ll need to do more than just partner with them if you’re going to make real money as an affiliate. Here are a couple of ways you can use to make the most money with insurance affiliate.

Blogging About Insurance

There are tons of different topics related to insurance with which you can use to build a targeted audience. It will then be easier for you to sell these insurance products to them as calls to action. But just starting a blog won’t get you anywhere with affiliate marketing. You’ll need to learn and grow your skills on how to get free, targeted search engine traffic as you grow your audience. You can do so by joining the Wealthy Affiliate training program where you’ll learn all this, on top of getting live help, tech support, and step by step lessons on how to build a successful insurance blog. You can even get started for free.

Running A YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great platform to create insurance-related videos and content that you can use to market your affiliate products. You can then post the affiliate links in the description area and encourage your audience to take action. If you’re wondering how to go about creating a YouTube channel or want to enhance your skills, check out this FREE Webinar.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Another proven method to make real money as an insurance affiliate partner is by creating landing pages around the products you are marketing, then paying Google to show these landing pages as ads on the SERPs based on a specific set of keywords. If this sounds like something worth looking into or want to learn how to really succeed in it, consider joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Are Insurance Affiliate Marketing Programs Worth It?

Thanks to the amount of money being spent in the insurance industry, partnering up with one or more of these companies can definitely be worthwhile. However, besides identifying the right affiliate partner to spend time on, you should also consider concentrating on a specific line of insurance, based on what you’re good at. If you’re passionate about cars, consider auto insurance or business insurance. If you run a health blog consider health insurance or life insurance and if you’re a pet blogger, it wouldn’t make sense to sell business insurance products.

Well, that’s about it from me. I hope this list helps you find the right insurance affiliate program for you. Have you identified one yet? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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