Udimi Review: Best Solo Ad Marketplace or Scam?

If you’re anything like me, you’re always exploring various ways to get traffic. A popular way to do that has been through Google Adwords and maybe Facebook Ads. Another form of paid advertising that people flock to is solo ads. You’ve probably heard of a service called Udimi which offers this type of advertising. If you’ve been going through Udimi reviews trying to determine its legitimacy, you’re in the right place.

We scoured the web to find the truth about this marketplace. Unfortunately, not everything’s pretty, so you may want to stick around for some pretty shocking facts in this Udimi review. 

Who Is Udimi?

Udimi.com is an online marketplace where users trade solo ads (a solo ad is an email advertisement that you buy from another email list owner). The company is owned by Udimicom Limited located at 61 Spyrou Kyprianou, SK House, 4003 Limassol, Cyprus. They’ve been around since 2017.

How Does Udimi Work?

From a buyer standpoint, Udimi enables you to buy an advertisement from other email list owners within the platform. The owner of that email list will then send out an email on your behalf to a chunk of their existing email list. So if you need to reach 50 potential visitors, they’ll send your email to maybe 500+ in their database, for you to get your 50.

If done well, a solo ad should get the targeted audience to click on whatever you’re offering or advertising. It could be a magazine subscription, weight loss program or whatever you’re selling. Ideally, these clicks should turn into leads and eventually sales.

So once you sign up on Udimi, you’ll first find a solo ad provider. You can filter the sellers by price, niche, user rating,sales ratio and so on. Once you find your ideal seller, you can choose the number of clicks you want to order. You can then design your ad text by either uploading a template or picking a readily available template.

After that you’ll add everything to your cart, proceed to checkout, pay and wait for the seller to approve your order. Once they approve they’ll have up to 100 hours to start running your ad campaign. You’ll then be able to see the stats of your campaign on your Udimi account dashboard. You have the ability to rate the sellers based on your experience.

Udimi Features

Udimi provides a lot of useful features to help buyers and sellers:

Filters – You’ll can use various filters to find the best seller. You can filter them by the maximum price you’re willing to pay, niche, whether their leads have led to sales for their previous customers, traffic source, seller location, language and even more if you pay for Prime membership.

Prime Membership – You don’t have to pay anything to use the Udimi platform. However, for up to $287.52 a year, you get access to other features like advanced filtering, double affiliate earnings, microsites, email validator, super fast support and more. You can read more on that here.

Referral Program – They have an affiliate program where you can promote your seller link to buyers and sellers. This can earn you 15% commission from all orders and up to 50% if they’re Prime member referrals. Your referrals also earn a $5 discount on their first purchase upon signup.

How Much Does Udimi Traffic Pack Cost?

Most sellers will set a minimum price you have to meet to trade with them. The price per click starts from $0.40 and peaks at $0.95. So if you need to reach 50 visitors for a seller whose price starts at $0.40 without setting any filter, that transaction will cost you $20. Udimi will also charge you a flat rate of $3 per transaction. Of course, the price will fluctuate as you add more filters, but not less than the base price set by the seller. You can pay via PayPal or credit card.

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How Much Website Traffic Can Udimi Deliver?

Because this is paid traffic, the more you’re willing to spend the more visitors you’re can reach. So how much website traffic Udimi can deliver is based on your budget and the quality of traffic you require.

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How Do I Join Udimi?

Joining Udimi is free, and you can get started by going here. All you need is an email and password to join. You’ll immediately get access to your dashboard and you can start trading immediately.

Udimi Complaints

The internet can be unforgiving if you don’t know how to avoid scams. So that’s why you’re better off reading the complaints about Udimi here to be safe.

Inaccurate seller statistics – One useful filter on Udimi is the ability to select sellers with high conversion rates. But a good number of users say the sales conversion data is not accurate, as the results they got after engaging the seller were nowhere near what was posted. So you may end up spending more based on a statistic that’s outright inaccurate.

You need to pay to get advanced filtering – Filters basically increase the quality of the traffic you’ll be buying. So that means to get really high value traffic, you’ll simply need to spend more money.

No BBB Profile – I bet some of ya’ll wouldn’t give a second thought to a company not listed by the Better Business Bureau. So you may want to know that Udimi is not listed at the time of this review.

Is Udimi Worth It?

If you’re purely after traffic, then solo ads may be a way to go. You just have to use filters creatively and narrow down your target as much as you can to get the best quality of traffic. But at the same time, getting a good solo ad provider can be hard, as you can’t be certain that their credentials and past performances are accurate. But Udimi has done a good job at reducing guesswork and certainty that was previously common with the buying solo ads frontier.

All the same, I have decided to keep my hard-earned money and avoid buying solo ads. I have learned how to get free, targeted and organic traffic to my website. I use this traffic to build my email list that I’ll be using to generate leads and sales. If you that’s something you want to do as well, you may want to join Wealthy Affiliate and learn all about getting Free Traffic from Google. You will have all the tools you need to help you attract the right people to your site. You can even get started for FREE!

Well, that’s my Udimi review. Would you use this solo ad marketplace? Feel free to share your thoughts about this or any other similar company in the comments section below! If you still have questions about Udimi, you can find answers in their FAQs page.

Until next time

Eddy “with a Y”

Udimi Review




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  1. Thank you. I would recommend Udimi as it is the safest place to buy and sell solos. They have their own filter system that makes sure sellers deliver quality clicks to buyers.


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