PopAds Review: Best Pop Under Ad Network or Scam?

It’s no secret that advertising is big business. Everyone wants to get in on the magic, especially if you are an online publisher with an audience that advertisers can use. You’re probably going through several PopAds reviews to determine whether you can monetize your site’s traffic with this company or not.

Well, I’m very glad you’re here, because we have all the shocking details you need to know about the company. So don’t dare do anything before reading this PopAds review. Consider yourself warned!


Who Is PopAds?

PopAds.net is an ad network that connects publishers who are willing to sell their website traffic to advertisers who want to show ads that appear as popunders on publishers’ websites. PopAds was founded in 2010 by Tomasz Klekot; owner and founder of Tomksoft S.A. – an advertising company based in San Pablo de Heredia, Costa Rica.


How Does PopAds Work?

PopAds has a huge inventory of publishers from over 100 countries that can be filtered by proxy, bot and mobile traffic. This enables the advertiser to have control over various targeting options including keywords, categories and more.

For publishers, once you add the PopAds code to your website, PopAds allows you to serve popunders with autoplaying sound and video ads to your site’s visitors. You can also set your minimum bid or even your popunder frequency that best suit your website’s interests and monetization needs.


PopAds Features

Here are a couple of features PopAds has for publishers.

Real-time stats – All tracking information, performance earning and infographics are shown in real time, so you’ll always be in the know.

Filters and Control – You’re allowed to choose the price of a single popunder you accept, the number of popups each visitor will see per day and whether you want sound or any other element the popunder contains.

Liberal Terms – They say most sites are accepted, with no minimum traffic requirements to get approved.

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How Much Money Can You Make With PopAds?

PopAds claims their rates have never gone below $4 for 1000 unique visitors from the United States. But again, as a publisher you can set your minimum bid to advertisers.

So you can dictate how much you’re willing to accept as payment for a single popunder that an advertiser shows. However, you’ll have to consider other factors such as the visitor’s location, the nature and amount of your site’s traffic, time of day, or even day of the year.

It never hurts to have multiple streams of income when selling your traffic to advertisers. So it only makes to join more than one ad network. With that in mind, you may want to check out Maxbounty.com, Traffic Jam Media, or iGain.com as additional options as well.


When Does PopAds Pay Publishers?

PopAds handles withdrawal requests daily. Once you make a withdrawal request, you should expect it within 24 hours to your PayPal or AlertPay account, the minimum payment threshold being $5.


PopAds Requirements

PopAds straight out says there are no minimum traffic requirements for approval. They’ll analyze your site and approve it automatically if everything checks out. However, being of legal age under applicable laws, here’s what PopAds does not accept according to their Terms of use.

  • Any sites illegal in the United State or Costa Rica
  • Sites displaying child pornography, bestiality or contain links to such content.
  • Libelous or defamatory sites or sites promoting inappropriate newsgroup postings or unsolicited email
  • Sites containing or promoting illegal activity, including but not limited to, bomb building, hacking or phreaking
  • Web sites promoting violence, obscene or vulgar language, abusive content and/or content which endorses or threatens physical harm, hate-mongering based on race, politics, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality.
  • Sites that participate in or transmit illegal, false or deceptive investment advice and/or moneymaking opportunities
  • Web sites spreading viruses, pirated software or exploiting web browser vulnerabilities


How To Login Into PopAds

To get started, you can go here with your email address, sign up with a password and start the application process. You’ll first add your site’s URL and describe what your site is all about. You should get a reply after a minimum 4 hours. Once they approve your site, you can generate the ad code and kick things off.


PopAds Support

You can reach out to PopAds support by sending an email to support@popads.net. Apparently they don’t have chat, Skype or phone support. They are also not available on any other social media.


PopAds Complaints

You may think by now you know enough to join PopAds. But hold up, this is the part of the review you ought to read if you don’t want to either waste time or fall for a scam.

“I was using a VPN and I lost money”

Some users say they lost a lot of money for the simple mistake of using a VPN. When this happens, PopAds will kick you out, keep your earnings and revoke your account forever.

Problem is, that information is buried deep in their terms. Then they’ve explained in very technical terms that not all users may be able to crack. Several users had different versions of their story, but they can kick you out easily, and they keep your earnings.

No Referral Program

Referring others is a popular way of making extra money off the efforts of others. With no referral program, it can be a little hard making money with PopAds. So if that’s a deal breaker to you, feel free to check out such other ad networks such as Maxbounty.com, Traffic Jam Media, or iGain.com that have great referral programs with which you can use to maximize your earnings.

No BBB Profile

For y’all folks who bet on the Better Business Bureau against scams, you may want to know that at the time of this review, they are not listed with the BBB.


Should You Join PopAds?

PopAds is among the most dynamic popunder networks available. So if you want more control over your traffic monetization needs, you should definitely join the ad network. However, they have strict rules you have to follow. Again, they are not listed with the BBB,. So it may be hard following up on negative experiences if you do so through the Bureau.

That said, with PopAds, the more high value traffic you have, the better your chances of making a killing with this network. I mean, who wouldn’t be better off with more traffic? So if you’re looking to increase your blog’s traffic, Wealthy Affiliate has the proven strategies, training and tools to help you get tons of FREE, organic traffic from Google. Best of all, it’s FREE to get started, no upfront fees required.

And if for any reason you feel PopAds may not be a right fit for you, feel free to check out other networks such as Maxbounty.com, Traffic Jam Media, or iGain.com that can help you monetize your site’s traffic as well. You can also check out similar networks that we’ve reviewed before like ExoClick and AdCash that allow you to monetize with popunder ads.

So folks, that’s my PopAds review. If you need more answers about the company, check out their FAQs page here. And don’t be a stranger. Feel free to share your thoughts about this or any other ad network in the comments section below.

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