ExoClick Review: Are They Playing Dirty?

Advertising is big business. But as annoying as ads may be, they can pay the bills if you are a publisher with a big enough audience. Chances are you already know this, and that’s why you’re checking out ExoClick reviews to determine if you can really use it to make money displaying ads on your website.

Well, we have some shocking details about the company, so you may want to read this ExoClick review carefully. You’ve been warned!


Who Is ExoClick?

ExoClick.com is an innovative ad network of web and mobile platforms. They claim their software allows publishers to personalize online traffic by classifying it through behavior and geographical locations of target audiences. They also claim to use extreme targeted traffic based on geo, language, OS, browser, sites, device and more to help advertisers meet their CPA goals. The company was founded in 2006 by brothers, Benjamin (CEO) and Adrien Fonzé (COO). The ad company is currently headquartered in Barcelona, Spain at Marina 16-18, 08005.


How Does ExoClick Work?

ExoClick works in two fold. They have an Ad Network and an Ad Exchange serving both advertisers and publishers.

As an advertiser using their Ad Network, you get to tap into more than 212 billion impressions for targeted ad placements. They have a huge inventory base in areas such as entertainment, sports, adult, shopping and more. You get to choose your audience based on keywords, IP, language, browser, device, location, OS and so on to increase chances of conversion. With Ad Exchange, you are able to bid on a per impression basis, to avoid wasting impressions, allowing you to target your real customers.

As a publisher, you can use the Ad Network to monetize your traffic using both ExoClick’s ad network and other ad networks and DSPs. The software is designed to set you up with an algorithm that features ads relevant to your site’s audience based on the type of content you publish. This improves your chances of the ads you display converting and earning you commissions.


ExoClick Features

There are a bunch of features you can use as a publisher to monetize your traffic including

  • Global coverage
  • Ad safety
  • Over 20 different ad formats for both web and mobile platforms
  • Real time statistics
  • Ad blocking
  • 5% lifetime referral program

Although all these features sound great, they would be pretty useless if you don’t have enough traffic to monetize. But honestly, who couldn’t use more traffic? If you agree you should consider joining Wealthy Affiliate to get tools and training that will help you get tons of FREE traffic from Google. There are no fees or obligations to start.

As appealing as ExoClick features are, you may want to explore other networks that may have better site traffic monetization features. If that’s the case you can check out companies like Maxbounty.com, Traffic Jam Media, iGain.com or Ezoic while exploring your traffic income options.


How Much Can You Make With ExoClick?

ExoClick doesn’t have a standard earnings per CPM rate. They say your earnings depend on the value of traffic you send them. If you send them quality traffic that converts you stand to earn more than a publisher who send high volumes of useless traffic. They however, use a standard formula to calculate your earnings. You can read all about that here.

So what you earn will likely vary because of a number or factors. If you hate working under such conditions, consider joining a CPA Network like Maxbounty.com, Traffic Jam Media,  or iGain.com.


When Do ExoClick Publishers get paid?

You’ll need at least 20EUR/USD to get paid. You have the option of choosing either weekly or monthly payments. Weekly payments go out every Monday, while monthly payments are made on the 20th day of every month by 6PM CET. Here are the payment options they have.

  • Paypal
  • Paxum
  • ePayments
  • Web Money
  • Wire transfer

If you choose the wire transfer method, they’ll send your payments on a monthly basis, and bank charges apply.

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ExoClick Publisher Requirements

ExoClick has one long list of requirements that your website should meet to avoid getting banned. Here are the highlights:

  • Web sites with free or shared hosting such as Blogspots and tumblr are not allowed.
  • No websites with illegal content, offensive or content that infringe copyright laws.
  • No sites that are under construction or lacking in content.
  • The use of tools that artificially generate impressions or clicks are prohibited.
  • Websites with excessive advertising that make it impossible to view the content are also not acceptable.
  • You should keep your ad zones, active to receive your payment.

You can read the full story here

But hey, if these strict requirements disqualify you, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. You can check out other similar but more flexible companies like Maxbounty.com, Traffic Jam Media, iGain.com or Ezoic.


How to log in to ExoClick

To join ExoClick, you can go here and create either an advertiser or publisher account. They’ll ask you for your personal information, including full name, email and Skype user info. You can then choose a username and a password, and you’re in!


ExoClick Support

You can go here to contact support 24/7. They say you should first try and find answers in their FAQs section. If you need more information, you can contact customer support here.


ExoClick Complaints

The reality is there is no such thing as a perfect company. The question is, can you live with the shortcomings? We compiled the most common complaints against Exoclick to help you decide whether or not it’s worth your time.

They don’t value publishers

The general opinion of publishers who tried to work with the company claim that as a publisher, you’re cutting into their profits, so you don’t really get as much love as advertisers. Some claim they only value the big fish and authority sites that bring tons of valuable traffic. It’s nearly impossible to make anything meaningful with the site if you’re a small-town publisher.

They can deny your payments for unclear reasons

Some publishers earned money, but failed to get paid. They have argued that they can easily ban your account for some tired ass reasons. Worse still, they can choose not to pay you the balance in your account and shut you down permanently with a blatant email.

No BBB Profile

For y’all disciples of the Better Business Bureau, you may want to know that ExoClick is not listed with the BBB at the time of this review,.

Hard To Determine What You’ll Earn

ExoClick’s CPM rate is fuzzy, to say the least. We had to dig deep to find this info, buried deep in their FAQs. And even so, we can’t really straight out say what the CPM is. In addition, they say your earnings are determined by how valuable your traffic is to their advertisers.

If any of these complaints above bother you, you may be better off working with other networks like Maxbounty.com, Traffic Jam Media, iGain.com or Ezoic. You have options either way.


Should you join ExoClick?

ExoClick is a respected company with all sorts of colorful awards and mentions. But keep in mind, what makes them popular is the Advertiser end of the business. As a publisher you my suffer under their strict rules and biased approach towards publishers. You’re not even sure whether your traffic will be good enough to earn you money, however much you send their way. That unknown is uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there are other networks you can join that have more straightforward commission models like Maxbounty.com, Traffic Jam Media or iGain.com.

In any case, with ExoClick and other similar companies, you’ll need tons of high quality traffic that advertisers can use. One of the best ways of doing so is by joining Wealthy Affiliate that provides you with the tools and training on how to get free targeted traffic from Google. You can also learn how to earn recurring income with your website. Best of all it’s free to get started.

Well, that’s my ExoClick review. Do you have an experience with this or any other company? Don’t be shy, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below! If you still have questions about this company, you can visit their FAQs section.

Until next time

Eddy “with a Y”

ExoClick Review




On Time Payments




4 thoughts on “ExoClick Review: Are They Playing Dirty?”

  1. Legitimacy


    On Time Payments




    Inadequate people are clearly working in Exoclick. Completely insane.
    First, some polite company representative in letters indicates to you what needs to be prepared in order to launch an advertising campaign. So I ordered awesome banners and paid a lot of money for it.
    And then when I had already transferred the money to the balance and created an advertising campaign that was created purely step by step as I was advised, another employee, without explaining any reason, blocked and deleted my account.
    I have provided 100% accurate data. Even my own address with a telephone. Quite sick!
    I read similar reviews here about deleting an account. I thought it was some kind of nonsense and that it would not concern me. In vain.
    It`s clear that all positive reviews wrote here, are cheating and scam from this insignificant company Exoclick.

  2. Thank you for letting me know in advance that you are a scam. I do not want to work with such scams and I will close your account even if you do not close it.
    This is First email
    Hope this email finds you well.
    This is Jiamin from ExoClick client care team contacting you regarding your Publishing account.
    Considering you have been worked with us as our publisher client for a while, I would appreciate if you could provide us any feedback regarding the platform, the features that we offer and the performance of your site
    On another front, I would like to suggest you to use more of 300×250 banners because they are very popular among advertises and also to test our Native ads, which proved to have very high CTRs.

    Second Email
    Thank you for contacting ExoClick regarding your payment.
    I see your payment currently pending as the transaction has just been put in motion, all payments are paid by the end of the business day. You can review our timescales here –
    Should you require any optimization or implementation assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Client Care team via the contact form here –
    If you have any questions, please let me know.
    Thank you and kind regards,

    Third Email after asked about payment pending
    I am contacting you from the Exoclick Compliance team regarding your publisher account activity.
    Please, be kindly informed that on review of your site(s) performance we have decided to reject your sites as they are not meeting the expectations of our advertisers. Since some advertisers need to be compensated, no pending earnings will be paid.
    Your account is now closed and unfortunately we will not be able to work with you in the future. Any further new accounts that you register will be also closed.

    Decide for yourself whether this is a scam or not

  3. I believe this company has been tracking all my sites and movement. I also believe this company is responsible for know who has defrauded my debit cards and account. I also have reasons to believe this is the main reason why my was was hacked. Everytime I log into sites, this company tries to track all my activities. How do I stop them

  4. Exoclick is horrible. I tried to run an ad on there and it’s taking them over two weeks to finally contact me back to tell me that they rejected my ad after I sent in multiple requests for support. Their website says they take only 3 hours but that’s not true. I don’t even know if there’s anybody working there. Definitely not worth the time.


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