Clicksfly Review: Dangerous Scam or Safe?

Nowadays people are always sharing things online, their feelings, pictures and even links. Chances are you’ve done the same and have come to realize that sharing links can make you money. So that’s why you’re going through Clicksfly reviews to figure out if you can really make money shorten and sharing links online.

Well, don’t be in a rush, we wrote this Clicksfly review to warn you of some things about Clicksfly that may brush you the wrong way. So you may want to read along carefully!


What Is Clicksfly? is a link shortening service that claims to pay users and publishers whenever they share shortened links and someone clicks on them. Clicksfly is based in India, although we don’t know who owns the company at the time of writing.


How Does Clicksfly Work?

It’s pretty simple, really. Once you create a publisher account, you can use the available features to shorten links and earn money. All you have to do is use their tool to shrink your links and share them online. Whenever someone clicks on that shortened link, they’ll first be shown an ad before viewing the intended content. Clicksfly will then count your links and pay you a certain rate per 1000 clicks depending on your traffic. The company follows the same concept as; a company we’ve also reviewed here.


Clicksfly Features

Here are a couple of features Clicksfly provides to publishers:

Full Page Script – you can convert all or part of your blogs’ links to Clicksfly format. All you have to do is add a code to the body section of your HTML code.

Featured Admin Panel and API – You get to control all features from a featured admin panel in your Clicksfly account. They also have an API to make link shortening and sharing easier.

Detailed Stats – This feature helps you know what brings you the most income and what strategies you should adapt.

Referral Program – their referral program allows you earn 20% of your referral’s earnings for life.

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How Much Can You Make With Clicksfly?

With ClicksFly, you get at least $3 per 1000 views at the time of writing. The CPM rate varies depending on the location and nature of your traffic among other unspecified factors. Some countries have a higher CPM than others.

For example, the United States and Netherlands have an average $15 CPM, while the UK and Canada average $11. Canada is the third best with an average of $6 per 1000 views. They also say they count 1+ view per unique IP within 24 hours, and the CPM rates adjust daily. You can check out these rates here.

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How & When Do Clicksfly Publishers Get Paid?

At the time of this review, once you hit $3 or more you qualify for either a weekly or monthly payout depending on the payment mode you choose. They pay via the following options.

  • Bitcoin – $3 minimum
  • PayPal – $3 minimum
  • Payoneer – $50 minimum
  • Paytm [India] – $3 minimum
  • Bank Transfer [India] – $3 minimum
  • Payeer, TEZ – $3 minimum
  • UPI – $3 minimum


Clicksfly Requirements

Besides meeting the minimum requirements to join including age (18 or older) and an email account, here are a few other things you should note.

  • Avoid sharing links on traffic exchange sites or any PTC website.
  • Clicksfly does not allow sharing links on adult content and porn websites, threading content, sites that have trojans, viruses, worm’s time bombs, or links to software that can cause damage to a user’s computer.
  • Clicksfly also doesn’t support sharing of sites that promote illegal or unauthorized content.
  • Neither beg nor offer incentives for clicks.
  • You can’t spam any website, blog or forum with your shortened links.
  • If you try using bots, redirects or even proxies, you’ll be banned from using the website and your earnings forfeited. They say they monitor unfair and illegal methods at all times.

How To Log in To Clicksfly

To get started, go here and create an account for free. All you need is an email and a password to create an account. You’ll need to completely fill out your profile information to get paid though.


Clicksfly Support

Clicksfly has a Live Support feature on their website that you can use to contact customer support. You can also contact them through a web form at the bottom of the home page. They’re also on Facebook, Skype, Messenger and Telegram.


Clicksfly Complaints

I know this is the part of the review you’re most interested in and it should be. No company is perfect and you might as well know their dirty deeds.

The ads don’t look professional

According to publishers, some crap ass ads appear to have fake buttons, clickbaits while others carry deceptive information. It’s hard to tell what the real “continue” button is, and it’s clear their ads tend to mislead visitors with all sorts of clickbaits and funny-looking promos and banners within the ad.

Annoying visitor experience

Publishers say you can’t trust Clicksfly to maintain a friendly user experience while displaying ads on your website. For instance, visitors must disable ad blockers for them to view your content. Your visitors will continuously need to solve a captcha while navigating through your website. In addition, there’s an annoying “show notifications” prompt that appears from time to time, not to mention the pop ups and all sorts of redirects.

No BBB Profile

At the time of this review, Clicksfly is not listed with the Better Business Bureau. So if you consider that a deal breaker, you may want to rethink your options.


Should You Join Clicksfly Network?

Clicksfly is not a scam, you’ll be paid to share shortened links. However, depending on what features you use, Clicksfly may actually annoy your users and thus they won’t click on these clicksfly links. On the positive side, they have a low payment threshold and worldwide coverage, but that’s about it.

So, given these factors, you may want to consider other ways to monetize like joining affiliate networks such as, Traffic Jam Media, or Ezoic that may have better features, commissions and experiences.

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Thanks for reading my Clicksfly review. Do you have thoughts about this or any other link shortening service out there? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below. If you still have questions about the company, you can visit their FAQs page for answers.

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