Top 7 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs To Join 

The total number of credit card transactions in the U.S alone is well over 40 billion as of now, with trillions of dollars being spent each year. This number is growing by the day, probably why credit card affiliate programs are increasingly becoming popular. Maybe you want a slice of that pie, and that’s why you’re trying to find the best credit card affiliate programs to join. Well, we scoured the web to find them, including everything you need to know on how to get into the credit card affiliate business.

How To Choose The Best Credit Card Affiliate Program To Join?

Cookies Period

You’re never really sure when your visitor will take action and follow through with what you are promoting. So the longer the cookie period the better your chances of earning a commission if they decide not to buy the product immediately.

Affiliate Marketing Support

A good network creates an enabling environment for you to stand the best chance at succeeding. One way to do that would be to assign you personalized affiliate support or even an affiliate manager to help you along the way.

Minimum Payment Threshold

You shouldn’t have to wait for too long to get your money from these affiliate programs, especially if you’re just starting out. You’re better off partnering with networks or programs that has a short minimum payment threshold. Others even give you control over when you want to get paid, and your desired minimum payment threshold.

Available Commission Payout Methods

Some affiliate programs don’t support the most convenient gateways to get paid online like PayPal, while others are limited by location. So before signing up for an affiliate program make sure you can actually get paid as conveniently as possible with little to no transaction charges whenever possible.

Available Marketing Strategies

While choosing the credit card affiliate programs to promote, you need to consider marketing factors such as whether the company offers attractive value addition propositions and credit card offers to their customer, their demographics, behavior and so on. This will make it easier for you to determine how you’ll convince them to buy the product.

Type of Credit Card

Consider prioritizing on secured credit cards. They not only provide access to essential products while minimizing risk, but you’ll also be targeting creditworthy customers effectively increasing your chances of making sales. You should also focus on credit cards that offer added incentives like reward programs, low annual fees, cash back programs, rebates and more.

How Much Money Can I Make With Credit Card Affiliate Programs?

There is tons of money to be made with the Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs even if the competition is fierce. Credit affiliate programs can make you hefty commisisons with affiliate marketers making anywhere from tens to hundreds of dollars per sale. However, considering things such as the cutthroat competition, the size of your audience, commission rates, EPC, your marketing skills and experience in the industry, how much you make as a credit card affiliate can very greatly because of those different factors.

Best Credit Card Affiliate Networks

We handpicked some of the best credit card affiliate programs you should consider joining, based on the factors we mentioned earlier. So let’s get them, shall we?

American Express (aka Amex)

URL: American Express affiliate program

Commission Rate:  Up to $200 per sale

EPC:  $644.89

Cookie Duration: 7 days

Available Payout Methods: Payoneer, Check, Bank Transfer – Monthly

Minimum Commission Payment Threshold: US$50 (Payoneer, Direct Deposit), US$100 (Check)

You can earn up to $200 in commissions each time your lead enrolls for the American Express credit card. American Express process payments of about 120 currencies, and works with over 30 supporting banks around the world. American Express is a hot sell because of the card’s security and flexibility in use. The Amex credit card has a great customer support to help you better your chance at getting converting leads. However, your leads have 7 days to convert, which can be a really short time.

What We Like

  • High EPC and commission rate
  • Reliable support
  • An established, marketable cards brand
  • Lots of cards offers to promote


  • Stiff competition
  • Short cookie period

USAA Credit Cards

URL: USAA Credit Cards affiliate program

Commission Rate:  Up to $20 per lead

EPC:  $161.70

Cookie Duration:  30 days

Available Payout Methods: Payoneer, Check, Bank Transfer – Monthly

Minimum Commission Payment Threshold: US$50 (Payoneer, Direct Deposit), US$100 (Check)

USAA provides financial services to active and retired members of the US military community since the early 1900s. In addition to banking, mortgage and related services, they supply visa credit card and Amex creidt cards. With an audience of over 24 million active and retired personnel in the armed forces community, promoting the perks of USAA shouldn’t be an issue since it’s a very niche market.

What We Like

  • Low competition compared to the mainstream market
  • You can negotiate for better commission rates if you’re a top performer


  • Low commission rate per approved credit cards

Luxury Card Affiliate Program

URL: Luxury Card affiliate program

Commission Rate:  $405 per sale

EPC:  Varies

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Available Payout Methods: PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit

Minimum Commission Payment Threshold: US$25

This premium credit cards provider is designed for the upper echelon of the society, as the name suggests. The card itself is an alloy of carbon and steel, with the option of a 24K gold version. This is suppose to give you the sense of the luxury of what you’ll be promoting if you decide to join Luxury Credit Card referral program. It’s no surprise that each lead earns you a cool $405. Your customers will be getting perks such as cashback, concierge services, access to VIP treatment at the airport and so on. So these are things that should be desirable to your audience and hopefully help with your conversions.

What We Like

  • High commission rate
  • Tons of selling points to market
  • Several other cards offers and products to promote


  • Small audience
  • Strict approval procedure

Scotiabank Affiliate Program

URL: Scotiabank affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $70 per approved card

EPC:  Varies

Cookie duration: 30 days

Available Payout Methods: PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit

Minimum Commission Payment Threshold: US$25

Scotiabank has been around for close to two centuries. They currently serve well over 19 million customers in America and Canada. As a credit card affiliate of their company, you can be promoting several different products including the credit card , travel rewards, cashback and products designed for students. Each approved referral earns you about $70. It’s a great option if you’re a newbie, since the payout is respectably high and the competition is low.

What We Like

  • Several credit card offers to promote
  • High commission rate
  • Newbie-friendly


  • Limited audience

Capital Bank Affiliate Program

URL: Capital Bank affiliate program

Commission: $25 per sale

EPC:  $26.93

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Available Payout Methods: Payoneer, Check, Bank Transfer – Monthly

Minimum Commission Payment Threshold: US$50 (Payoneer, Direct Deposit), US$100 (Check)

If you’re a personal finance or debt management blogger, Capital One might be a perfect segue for you, since Capital One offers secured credit cards (one with no credit scoring). A secured credit card is one of the proven ways you can improve your FICO score. So if you’re aiming to help people dealing with bankruptcy and financial difficulties of different kinds, partnering with Capital One offers huge potential. $25 per referral may not be much, but Capital One, specifically the OpenSky product can elevate your income earning potential.

What We Like

  • High income potential
  • Several products to market


  • Lower commission compared to alternatives

Upgrade Credit Card

URL: Upgrade credit card affiliate program

Commission:  $60 per referral

EPC:  Varies

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Available Payout Methods: Unknown

Minimum Commission Payment Threshold: Unknown

The Upgrade credit card is somewhat unique compared to other industry players. Your potential leads are entitled to a $500-$20,000 credit line at a more favorable interest rate. Their Visa credit card also allows you to pay down balances from each month at a fixed rate with equal monthly payments, which is rare in the industry. So there are lots of benefits for your audience if you choose to promote their services as a credit card affiliate. They even say you’ll be able to pay off your debt in a significantly shorter time compared to traditional credit cards.

What We Like

  • Easier to promote than traditional credit cards
  • Great customer support for affiliates
  • Newbie-friendly


  • Limited to Visa cards

Commission Soup

URL: Commission Soup affiliate program

Commission Rate:  Varies

EPC:  Varies

Cookie Duration: Varies

Available Payout Methods: Check

Minimum Commission Payment Threshold: $100

If you’re familiar with the affiliate network big dogs like CJ, Linkshare, ShareASale and the like, then their cousin Commission Soup shouldn’t be a stranger to you. This performance-based affiliate network has been focusing on financial services for about 20 years now. You can find programs such as the ‘Green Dot Primor Mastercard’ within their network and pays strong attention to customers with terrible FICO scores. So you shouldn’t have a problem finding an audience to target.

What We Like

  • Lots of credit products to promote
  • Newbie-friendly


  • Varying commission plans

How Do I Make The Most Money With Credit Card Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Identifying and joining one or more of these best credit card affiliate programs is just a piece of the puzzle. The most difficult question to answer is, how do I make the most money with credit card affiliate marketing programs? Here’s where to begin.

Credit Cards Blog

One of the best ways to make money as a credit cards affiliate marketer is by creating blog posts around credit card companies, their products, incentives and so on. But the challenging bit is that you need to drive tons of traffic to your website if you’re going to make real money. If you’re looking for a way to go about increasing your website’s organic traffic from Google that converts, consider joining Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll learn about the tools, strategies and skills required to run a successful blog. Even if you have an existing blog, you can always use more traffic. Best of all, Wealthy Affiliate is free to start.


Using the biggest video sharing platform to promote credit cards is a no brainer. In addition to the income potential that YouTube itself has, you can go on to establish yourself as an influencer for these credit card companies once you have a large enough audience. You can check out this FREE webinar to learn all about YouTube Marketing and how to successfully run an affiliate marketing channel on YouTube.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

If you’re considering other ways besides blogging or YouTube as marketing platforms, PPC is another proven method to promote credit cards affiliate links. All you have to do is create landing pages around content relevant to the credit card industry. You can then pay Google to show the page as an ad on the search engine. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about PPC and how to successfully go about it, consider joining Wealthy Affiliate.

At the end of the day, there are endless ways to succeed as a credit card affiliate marketer. .

What are Some Alternative Credit Card Affiliate Programs?

If neither of the credit card affiliate programs we mentioned earlier appeal to you, or you just want to broaden your affiliate commissions sources, here are a couple more options worth checking out as well.


Not many of us are gifted at making sales, but that’s not the end of the world. MaxBounty won’t require your audience to buy something for you to land commissions. This option is CPA-based meaning you can earn whenever a visitor signs up for something or takes up a trial. You can go here to join MaxBounty.


If perhaps you’re considering other options besides credit card affiliate programs, ShareASale has a huge portfolio of companies to promote. You’ll definitely find something of interest there, especially if you haven’t settled on the credit card industry yet. You can go here to join ShareASale.


Credit Card affiliate marketing is not all about promoting credit card offers and the products surrounding them. You can widen the scope of your marketing and sell digital educational products like guides, books, information and such. If that sounds like something worth getting into, then definitely consider JVZoo as an alternative to marketing credit cards, card offers and their related benefits. You can go here to sign up for JVZoo.

Are Credit Card Affiliate Programs Worth It?

You can definitely build a six-figure business with some of the best credit card affiliate programs. There are several ways to market them including credit card education, reviews, recommendation and useful tips and guides. So it’s definitely a way to make money alongside helping customers make informed financial decisions.

Well, I hope you’ve found this article helpful. Now, over to you. Did we leave out something you feel should have been included? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below! Also, let us know which of these you would join if you haven’t already!

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